Is Heading the Ball Dangerous? What Problems Can It Cause?

Is it dangerous to head the ball and what problems can it cause?
Is it dangerous to head the ball and what problems can it cause?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information on the subject. Sports such as kicking the ball (football), karate and boxing can cause damage to the neck and brain, and the risk of dementia and hernia increases in football players. As scientists, we even express an opinion on the prohibition of headbutting the ball.

Is it dangerous to head the ball? What problems can it cause?

Balls hit by football players often hit the head at a speed of approximately 90 kilometers per hour. Because it recurs many times, recurrent concussions can cause a brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which causes deterioration in brain cells, which manifests itself with permanent cognitive and memory losses over many years. For this reason, it is prohibited in America, especially for children, to hit the ball with their head. In addition, the risk of Alzheimer's Disease, ALS and similar motor neuron diseases, Parkinson's disease increases. It should not be implied that it causes disease here; should be understood as making a contribution to Although the ball blow creates a slight trauma, small traumas recur, causing damage to the brain or neck, such as carving the rock on the ground where it hits, drop by drop, over time.

Is it a hernia in the future?

Especially in football players, the risk of developing neck hernia increases considerably. Aside from head collisions that cause more severe consequences, it is possible to imagine the consequences of repetitive traumatic damage to the brain or neck, considering that at least a thousand headshots are made per year. In addition, the risk of cruciate ligament tear, meniscus tear, and herniated disc increases.

Does it harm the cells in the brain?

Repetitive impacts of the ball to the head, and thus to the brain, may cause deterioration in brain cells, leading to traumatic encephalopathy after many years. In a research, the middle players made to the goal were ended with a head shot. When we look at the result, it was determined that the memory of the football players who hit the head with the head was lost at the rate of 41-67%, and it was determined that this memory weakness disappeared only after 1 day. Studies have shown that the damaged nerve cells in the white matter-white matter in the brains of football players are damaged and cannot be repaired. In addition, it is scientific facts that have been determined that brain chemicals also show changes-deteriorations.

What would you recommend as a physical therapist?

It is necessary to stay away from traumatic sports or jobs such as volleyball, handball, American football, basketball, boxing, wrestling and karate, not just football. The fact that this type of sports can lead to serious disorders, not only with mild malfunctions, has been found to be alarming, and activity selection should be made by planning to live healthily after years. Professional athletes, on the other hand, should protect themselves and avoid hitting the head as much as possible.

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