Security Measures in Schools and Their Surroundings Have Been Taken to a High Level in the New Education Period

In the new education period, security measures in schools and their surroundings were increased to the highest level.
In the new education period, security measures in schools and their surroundings were increased to the highest level.

Before the face-to-face training, which will start on Monday, the Ministry of Interior has increased the security measures to the highest level in schools and their surroundings. In the new academic year, 1.054 school law enforcement officers, 22.772 safe education coordination officers, a total of 6.523 law enforcement personnel in 19.569 patrol teams and 10 thousand private security guards will be responsible for the security of schools.

Security measures have been tightened by the Ministry of Interior in order to ensure safe transportation of students to and from schools in the 2021-2022 academic year. Intensive security measures will be taken by the Police and Gendarmerie units in the school and its surroundings.

Law Enforcement and Safe Education Coordination Officers Will Be Fixed in Schools

  • As a result of the evaluations made by the law enforcement units, the school law enforcement officer on a fixed basis in the schools determined to be in the priority category,
  • Safe education coordination officer, who will be in constant communication with the school administration,
  • Before the entrance and exit hours of the schools, patrol/team personnel and private security guards will work at visible/dominant points around the school and in places where students are concentrated.

In the new period, there will be 1.054 school law enforcement officers, 22.772 safe education coordination officers, a total of 6.523 law enforcement personnel in 19.569 patrol teams. In addition, 10 thousand private security guards will ensure the safety of schools within the scope of the Community Benefit Program by the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) General Directorate of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

In this context, our Ministry; The school law enforcement officer sent the instruction to the governorships, which determined the duties and responsibilities of the security education coordination officer and the patrol teams that will take part in the school entrance and exit.

They Will Not Leave Their Places of Duty During Working Hours

  • School law enforcement officers, who will be on duty during the education period, will be ready half an hour before the student entrance time at the schools where they are assigned. He will never leave his post during working hours. He will be in constant contact and communication with the school administration. The school will take the necessary measures in terms of security and traffic, especially the entrance-exit hours.
  • It will prevent the sale and use of drugs and stimulants at school. Cutting, piercing, explosive, etc., which can be used in crime, in front of and around the school. will take action against those who sell, carry and keep other items.
  • The patrol teams, who are on duty during the entrance and exit hours of the schools, will check the people who are not related to the school or are seen suspicious in and around the school. When necessary, these people will be removed from the school environment by applying judicial and administrative procedures.
  • It will provide communication and coordination with the municipal police in order to ban the peddlers and those who sell food and beverages illegally, disrupting the safe education environment around the school. It will take action against businesses that sell cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to students around the school. Working in coordination with the Traffic Branch Directorate teams, it will inspect the school service vehicles.

We will be in constant contact

The safe education coordination officer, on the other hand, will constantly meet and exchange information with the administrators of the schools they are responsible for, the counselor in charge and the parents in the parent-teacher union.

Integration of School Security Cameras to KGYS will be completed

The operability of the security cameras installed in schools, especially in priority schools, will be checked and their integration into the 'Urban Security Management System' (KGYS) will be completed.

In order to ensure the effective environmental security of the schools where the security camera system is installed and to record the events, the images will be watched by the school administrations.

Abandoned Buildings Will Be Demolished, Supervision of Internet Cafes and Gaming Centers Will Be Emphasized

  • The measures to be taken regarding the buildings that are found to be in derelict status around the school will be reviewed, and the derelict buildings that have been completed will be demolished as soon as possible.
  • Internet cafe/game halls etc. located around the school. Sites will be regularly inspected.
  • It will be checked whether the obligations determined by the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts and the Regulation on Internet Collective Use Providers and the rules to be followed in these workplaces are complied with.
  • All kinds of preventive measures will be taken, including the prevention of open cigarette sales, especially in the fight against drugs / stimulants in school environments and places where students are present.

20% Reduction Provided

With the Cooperation Protocol on Making the School and Its Environment Safer, which has been implemented by the Ministries of National Education, Interior, Family, Labor and Social Services in 2018, in order to make the school and its surroundings safer, a 20 percent decrease has been achieved in the incidents occurring in the school and its surroundings.

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