China to Encourage Use of Bamboo and Wood Instead of Plastic Packaging

Genie will encourage the use of bamboo and wood instead of plastic packaging
Genie will encourage the use of bamboo and wood instead of plastic packaging

China has announced a "pollution with plastics" control plan for the next five years, declaring its goal to effectively prevent such pollution by 2025.

Introduced in partnership with the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the action plan adopts and details measures to: restrict the production and use of plastic materials in the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), create options for plastic, and reduce the disposal of landfills and the environment. Significantly reduce the amount of leaking plastic waste.
According to the plan; From today to 2025, key sectors such as retail, digital commerce and express delivery will take steps to drastically reduce the unnecessary/meaningless use of waste plastic packaging. On the other hand, the use of materials such as bamboo, wood, paper and destructible/recyclable plastic, which can be an alternative to plastic in the country, will be encouraged; In addition, research on plastic recycling will be accelerated and the development of related industries will be encouraged.

The Plan further supports the recycling and treatment of plastic waste throughout the country; It envisages the elimination of all plastic waste in major watersheds, touristic areas and rural areas.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 17/09/2021 10:29

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