Full Note to Cycling Campus from Cyclists in the Capital City

Full marks to the bicycle campus from the bicycle lovers of the capital
Full marks to the bicycle campus from the bicycle lovers of the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate is carrying out the "Smart Ankara Project" work, which will ensure the creation of a sustainable transportation plan in the Capital and the integration of the city with other transportation points. All operations regarding the "Bicycle Rental System" and "Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan" will be carried out on the "Bike Campus", which was opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş on August 30, 2021.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement environmentalist and alternative transportation projects one by one.

EGO General Directorate will carry out all operations for the 'Bicycle Rental System' and 'Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan' within the scope of the 'Smart Ankara Project', which will ensure the creation of a sustainable transportation plan in the capital and the integration of the city with other transportation points, at the Bicycle Campus.

On the 'Bike Campus', which was opened by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş on August 30 Victory Day, policies regarding the ease of use and bicycle paths to be expanded in the Capital will be produced.


The Smart Ankara Project, with a budget of 5,2 million euros, 85% of which will be met by European Union funds and 15% from own resources, will be carried out in cooperation with the European Union and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

The 'Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan', designed to improve the living conditions of people and businesses in cities and meet their mobility needs for a better quality of life, will continue in integration with the Smart Ankara Project.

The 'Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan', which is called a prestigious city plan in Europe, will also contribute to making Ankara's transportation cleaner, environmentally friendly, healthy, accessible and economical. The project, which covers a period of 3 years, is aimed to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.


For the establishment of the 'Electric Bicycle Sharing System', which is the second leg of the Smart Ankara Project and carried out under the name of Bicycle Rental System, it is planned that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will bid for the goods and equipment within the scope of the project this year.

In this context, 408 electric bicycles can be used by renting with Başkentkart and all credit cards in Başkent. While the fee collection system is determined by the EGO General Directorate, the system will serve on a 24-hour basis. In addition to the apparatus suitable for carrying bicycles to be mounted on 480 EGO buses, 34 charging stations and a 290-meter bicycle ramp will be purchased to enable easy transportation of bicycles in subways, especially on stairs.

Two tenders will be made this year after the purchase of bicycle counters to ensure that bicycles are collected and charged, and to measure the use of 2 trucks and 8 bicycles to be used in field operations.


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that they designed a city with bicycle culture and awareness of bicycles by popularizing bicycle lanes, which is a human-oriented, healthy and environmentally friendly transportation model, and gave the following information about the Bicycle Campus:

“The Bicycle Campus area is a center where all operations will be carried out. This place was allocated to the EGO General Directorate by the Metropolitan Municipality Council. An area of ​​10 decares was previously used as the metro construction site of the Ministry of Transport. It was given to our organization by the decision of the parliament. There are prefabricated buildings of 10 square meters in a total area of ​​80 decares here, and we will use these structures as a bicycle management center and workshop facility under three main sections. The first part is an administrative center that will act as the center of Project Smart. This will coordinate with the European Union and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Local and foreign experts and project workers who will take part in the project will also take part in the center. The second part will be used as the management center of the electric bicycle sharing system, and the repair, maintenance and repair of electric bicycles used throughout Ankara, data analysis, fare collection system, spare parts storage, relations with citizens and relations with civil society will be carried out. In this center, our computer engineers, engineers, software developers, technicians, technicians and workers will be employed. Finally, a center where cycling trainings will be given regularly and relations with civil society will be maintained will continue its work. Here, on the other hand, the processes of the bicycle paths that are currently under construction and will be built in the future will be followed. At the same time, the bicycle paths to be built for the future will be designed using the data of the bicycle sharing system.”


Cyclists from Başkent, who visited the Bicycle Campus located at the address of Yeni Batı Mahallesi Şehit District Governor Muhammed Fatih Safitürk Boulevard No: 92 Yenimahalle, stated that they have been following the projects implemented by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality regarding bicycle transportation with interest from the first day, and shared their thoughts with the following words:

-Yasin Yanar: “I think it would be very beneficial to coordinate the project from a single center in Ankara. It is also very comfortable to come to Batıkent district by metro. I am very happy that a project has started in this way, I hope we will start using it actively as soon as possible.”

-Seyda Kircan: “Socializing is the greatest need of especially disadvantaged individuals and a city's need for oxygen. This campus is a great project to meet this need of this city. It will enable everyone, including disadvantaged individuals, to come together and socialize. It will also meet the needs of cyclists to gather and exchange information. I think that they will have great contributions in the future and will bring new people, new faces and new breaths to the cycling culture. ”



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