32 Explosive Destruction UAVs from MPG to Turkish Armed Forces

from mpg to turkish armed forces explosive destruction
from mpg to turkish armed forces explosive destruction

MPG, which has made a name for itself with the firsts it has brought to the Turkish industry, has always succeeded to be an exemplary and pioneering company in its sector with the manufacture of folding boom cranes, telescopic boom cranes and tree removal-planting machines. Products designed with superior engineering capabilities and original designs have been created with the latest technological developments and offered to customers. Making a difference with the products it produces, MPG continues to produce and add value to its country with its experience of more than 30 years.

MPG produced the Partially Protected Mine Rescuer – M4K vehicle for the Turkish Armed Forces and delivered a total of 2020 M29Ks with its final delivery in August 4.

MPG, which produced the robotic arm and related mechanical systems used in the ASELSAN ETİ system in the past, is now the "Hand Made Explosive Detection and Destruction Robotic Arm" for the unmanned ground vehicle (IDA) to be used in the detection and destruction of handmade explosives (IED) to be produced for the Turkish Armed Forces. produces its product.

In order to prevent loss of life in the destruction of mines and IEDs, SGAs are of critical importance.

Within the scope of the project, of which ASELSAN is a subcontractor, 32 Handmade Explosive Detection and Disposal Robotic Arm Systems will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces.

Source: defenceturk

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