Domestic Tire Technology Developed for the Vehicles of the Future

Domestic tire technology has been developed for the vehicles of the future
Domestic tire technology has been developed for the vehicles of the future

ANLAS Anadolu Lastik AŞ, sponsoring the 21th International Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle and 17st High School Electric Vehicle Races, organized by TÜBİTAK within the scope of TEKNOFEST'1, presented the tires it developed together with university students to young Turkish scientists.

While the teams met their vehicle tire needs with their own means until this year, the vehicle tires of all teams participating in the Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races this year were produced for the first time by ANLAS Anadolu Lastik A. S. welcomed by

To meet the tires, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Following the protocol signed between Hasan Mandal and ANLAS Chairman Eray Savcı, ANLAS Chairman Eray Savcı said in a statement at the ceremony; “ANLAS Anadolu Lastik A.Ş. It is one of the seven (1974) major brands in the world that has been developing tires for high-performance motorcycles, meeting the needs of motorcycles, bicycles and special-purpose tires since 7, and is the leading company in the sector that stipulates quality in the tires it produces. As a local company with all its values, we always trust the youth of the country and believe that the future will be bright thanks to them. In this context, we are happy to expand our efforts to support our young athletes, which we started with the Turkish Motorcycle Federation, with the support we provide to our university and high school student youth under the responsibility of TUBITAK, within the scope of the cooperation protocol we signed today. Seeing the achievements of our youth is one of our greatest sources of pride.”

Within days of the signing of the protocol, Anlas engineers started to work with university teams that had previously ranked, and developed and produced tires with low rolling resistance together with university students.

Competition between universities

In the races, which were held only at the university level in previous years, but which included high school students this year, 36 High School and 65 University teams competed fiercely. After a tough fight at the Körfez Racetrack on September 4-5, where all teams were equipped with Anlas tires, the winning teams were announced in two categories, electromobile (battery powered electric vehicle) and Hydromobile (hydrogen powered electric vehicle). The winning teams have been announced.

YOMRA Youth Center Energy Technologies Group came first in the electromobile category, SAMUELAR team from Samsun University came in second, and Altınbaş University EVA TEAM came in third. YTU-AESK_H from Yıldız Technical University came first in the hydromobile category. It did not come second or third in the Hidromobil category, as it did not meet the requirement of getting at least 65 points in order to receive the award.

The excitement of high school students

Students from high schools and equivalent schools in Turkey and the TRNC, as well as high school students from BİLSEM and Experiment Technology Workshops and Science Centers, competed with vehicles of their own design.

The team that finished first in the race was YESILYURT, the E-CERETTA team won the second prize, and the NÖTRINO-88 team won the third prize. Within the scope of the International Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races, the Board Special Award went to the SAMÜELAR team, the Visual Design Award to the AYDU CENDERE team, and the Technical Design Award to the GÖKTÜRK team. YOMRA Youth Center Energy Technologies Group, CUKUROVA ELECTROMOBILE and YTU-AESK_H were the winners of the Domestic Product Incentive Awards. The GACA, MUTEG EA, WOLFMOBİL, İSTİKLAL EC, AAATLAS teams received the Board Special Award in the 1st High School Electric Vehicle Races, while the Visual Design Awards were given to the E-GENERATION TECHNIC, CEZERİ YEŞİL, MEGA SOLO and ESATAMAT teams. In addition, E CARETTA, YEŞİLYURT INFORMATION HOUSE and TEAM MOSTRA were the winners of the Local Design Award.

The winners of the award will be at TEKNOFEST 2021

The vehicles of the winning teams will be taken to Istanbul Atatürk Airport at TEKNOFEST, Turkey's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival. While the vehicles will be exhibited here, they will also do a show drive. The teams that qualify for the first, second and third places will receive their awards at the award ceremony to be held at TEKNOFEST with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

With the support given to this organization, which aims to popularize the use of alternative and clean energy sources in the automotive industry, Anlas showed that it supports not only sports and the industry, but also young people who are devoted to technology.

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