Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Does stress cause hair loss?
Does stress cause hair loss?

Dr. Levent Acar gave information about the subject. The causes of hair loss are generally due to seasonal changes, iron deficiency, excessively stressful work or stress, and hormone problems. However, long-term hair loss can be one of the symptoms of serious diseases.

Dr. Levent Acar listed the causes of hair loss as follows;

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Androgenetic hair loss is hair loss that develops due to androgens in individuals with genetic predisposition. It occurs in approximately 50% of men and 30% of women. Although people who have this problem express that hair loss accelerates from time to time, it is generally known as an insidious shedding, unlike telogen hair loss. Sometimes people can observe more difference that their hair is thinning rather than hair loss. Basically, it is seen that the hair is thinning in the top part of the hair and a thinning is seen compared to the back part of the hair. Especially in women, it is difficult to diagnose in the initial stages and it can be easily confused with other hair loss. It should be known that the treatment will take years.

Stress-Related Hair Loss

Dr. Levent Acar said that stress especially triggers hair loss and added; Medicines used in diseases such as blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, birth control pills, drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist, vitamin A and some similar drugs can cause hair loss. Hair loss itself can increase the stress situation even more and cause a vicious circle. According to research, hair loss lasting longer than 1,5 – 2 months should be considered.

wrong eating habits

Hair loss due to nutritional reasons is also a very common cause. As a result, hair is a living organ and it also needs to be nourished and supplied with blood. Not having a healthy diet and not eating enough, starving for a long time during the day, consuming foods with high carbohydrate content can affect and shed the hair as a result.

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