Buildings Where People Are Collected Should Be Constructed In Compliance With Fire Regulations

Buildings where people are gathered should be built in accordance with fire regulations.
Buildings where people are gathered should be built in accordance with fire regulations.

Izocam, the leader of the insulation industry in Turkey, draws attention to the importance of the right insulation in order to be protected from fires that may occur in buildings within the scope of the September 25 Fire Protection Week.

Izocam; He emphasizes that places such as buildings, offices, schools, dormitories, public buildings, factories, industrial buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and gymnasiums where people are concentrated should be built in accordance with the "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire".

In our country, the week following September 25 is celebrated as Fire Protection Week every year. Leading the insulation industry in Turkey for 56 years, Izocam draws attention to the importance of insulation due to Fire Protection Week. While the flames suddenly increase during the fire, the buildings with the right materials for insulation do not ignite and the formation of toxic smoke is prevented. In this way, smoke poisoning cases, one of the most vital issues caused by fire, are prevented.

The fires that started in our forests in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions and reached the city centers in the past months brought the fire risks that may arise in our residences and workplaces to the agenda in a very painful way. According to the data of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, a total of 2019 thousand 22 fires occurred in 543 only in Istanbul. In the first 2020 months of 7, covering the January-July period, this figure was recorded as 11 thousand 458. 37,2 percent of the fires were caused by smoking and 28,99 percent by electricity.

Emphasizing that fires that may occur in buildings where uninsulated or incorrect insulation materials are used while fires are so much in our living spaces are a great danger for all of us and fire safety is of vital importance, Murat Savcı, General Director of İzocam, said that the insulation made with mineral wool-based insulation material is used for fire escape and fire fighting. He pointed out that it saves time for the processes of transfer to the scene and prevents the cases of poisoning in the fire. Murat Prosecutor; “One of the most important solutions provided by insulation is fire safety. The rapidly developing construction, new industrial projects and urban transformation in recent years should be considered as an opportunity for the increase of fire safety structures. Fireproof glasswool and rockwool products selected in accordance with the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire should be indispensable choices… Fire insulation also varies according to the height and location of the buildings. The regulation stipulates the use of A28,5 or A1-s2, d1 class non-combustible insulation materials such as mineral wool in plastered exterior thermal insulation system applications for fire safety in buildings of 0 meters and higher. In the case of using plastic products, there is a requirement to apply fire barriers. In addition, according to the regulation, the use of Class A materials, which are classified as non-combustible, between floors in high-rise buildings has been made mandatory. Glasswool and rockwool, which are resistant to high temperatures, provide high protection in fire insulation.

Noting that the issue of fire safety is among the most important agenda items of Izocam's R&D studies, Murat Savci said, "We express at every opportunity that the use of insulation materials with high fire resistance in buildings is very important, and we focus on fire resistance measurements in our work. We know that in case of possible fires, non-combustible insulation materials such as glass wool and rock wool will prevent the rapid spread of the fire and reduce the loss of life and property.

Documented expertise in fire safety

Izocam products provide high fire resistance, increasing the fire safety of buildings and reducing the risk of loss of life and property. All of Izocam's Rockwool Exterior Wall Board, Izocam Rockwool Terrace Roofing Board, Izocam Mineral Ceiling Board and Izocam Tekiz Rockwool Roof and Facade Panel products are class A fireproof.

Since the ventilation gap formed between the coating material and the load-bearing construction in curtain wall systems will act as a chimney in case of fire, the insulation material to be used in terms of fire safety should be selected from the A class "non-combustible materials" group such as rock wool. Made of rockwool, Izocam Exterior Board is used in curtain wall systems, behind façade coatings such as granite, marble, aluminum and glass, for heat and sound insulation as well as for superior fire safety.

Izocam Terrace Roof Board, which is an uncoated rockwool board on both surfaces, provides fire safety along with heat and sound insulation on metal and wooden roofs of all types and slopes, and on traditional terrace roofs that are walkable or non-walkable.

Izocam Mineral Ceiling Board, one of Izocam's fire safety products, was developed for ceiling insulation of floor car parks. This product, which is 100 percent fire resistant, is used in the insulation of car park ceilings, which has become mandatory in accordance with the "Parking Regulation" prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and entered into force on January 01, 2019.

Emphasizing that places such as buildings, offices, schools, dormitories, public buildings, factories, industrial structures, hospitals, shopping malls and sports halls where people are in groups, should be built in accordance with the "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire", Murat Savci, General Director of Izocam, said: He said that such buildings should be built with mineral wool insulated panels for safety reasons. Prosecutor said, “We are producing mineral wool insulated panels in our Tekiz facility under the brand of İzocam Tekiz, in accordance with the criteria of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). These panels are preferred in buildings where high fire safety is required or in buildings where flammable and combustible materials are stored. Thanks to the mineral wool insulated panels, the metal outer shell and the 'A' incombustibility class mineral wool layer used as insulation filling, it appears as a fire-resistant composite system.

Efectis Era Avrasya Testing and Certification Inc. In the tests carried out by Izocam Tekiz Rockwool Insulated Panels, as a result of the evaluation in integrity and insulation criteria, it has an “EI60” fire resistant panel certificate with 60 minutes fire resistance and an “E120” fire resistant panel certificate with the integrity criteria it has provided. Izocam Tekiz Rockwool Roof Panel, which is expected to carry loads unlike the facade panels, has the 'REI120' panel certificate with a fire resistance of 120 minutes, as it successfully fulfills all the load bearing, integrity and insulation criteria.

Tekiz Combi Panel, which is in the BROOF (t2) class with its fire resistance, was entitled to receive the FM certificate issued by the independent test arm of FM Global, an international risk and insurance management company, and is the first and only one among membrane panels produced in Turkey with FM certificate. product. The FM certificate guarantees that the product in question has passed tests such as impermeability and UV resistance, as well as fire safety, and that the building is at minimum risk, and products with this certificate are especially preferred in important industrial projects such as factory investment or renovation.

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