Domestic Solution from ASPİLSAN Energy to Rail System Batteries

Aspilsan is a domestic solution from energy to rail system batteries.
Aspilsan is a domestic solution from energy to rail system batteries.

ASPİLSAN Energy also localized another product by obtaining a domestic product certificate for its Nickel Cadmium Rail System Battery System.

ASPİLSAN Energy, which has been responding to the energy needs of the defense industry with its innovative solutions since the day it was founded, has significantly expanded its portfolio with new products by turning to different sectors in recent years.

As a domestic and national solution provider in the portable energy sector, Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, said the following regarding the domestic goods certificate that was entitled to receive: “We are moving forward with the aim of reducing our foreign dependency in our efforts to develop our defense industry and strengthen our country's industry with domestic and national resources. As ASPİLSAN Energy, we have taken an important step towards reducing foreign dependency in rail system battery technologies. Our Nickel Cadmium rail system battery system, which can only be produced by our company in our country and by three companies in the world, has received a Domestic Goods Certificate as of 23.09.2021. We would like to express our gratitude to ASPİLSAN employees and senior management, who contributed to the development and product development of a technology that is not in our country and that is completely import substitution, our stakeholders, vehicle manufacturers and operators, the Presidency of Defense Industries, who believe in our effort and effort, the TSKGV Foundation executives and all relevant state institutions. ”

Providing information about ASPİLSAN Energy's work on rail systems, ASPİLSAN Energy Aviation, Marine and Rail Systems Manager Murat Kaan said, "Our systems, which make a difference in terms of both cost and efficiency compared to their competitors, have all rail system standards and certifications. Kaan continued his words as follows: “Our battery system is currently used in tram and metro vehicles belonging to Kayseri Transportation, SAMULAŞ (Samsun Transportation Inc.), Adana Metro and Istanbul Metro A.Ş. The battery system of the E5000, which is the first National Electric Locomotive project of our country, was also designed by our company, its production was completed and delivered.

In addition, Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport, ASELSAN Projects, Bozankaya It is aimed to use ASPİLSAN-produced domestic battery systems for the Gebze–Darıca metro and Gaziantep-Gaziray Suburban projects, and the design phases have been completed.

Thanks to our battery systems that comply with international standards and meet all the conditions and requirements determined by global vehicle manufacturers, we can say that our dependence on foreign sources in an important and critical technology in the rail system sector has come to an end. In this context, domestic production of the rail system battery will provide added value to our country in terms of reducing our current account deficit and creating new employment areas.”

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