A First Female Firefighters in the History of İBB Fire Brigade at Work!

A first female firefighter in the history of the ibb fire department
A first female firefighter in the history of the ibb fire department

IMM Istanbul Fire Department, one of the most rooted organizations of Istanbul, will add strength to its power with new female firefighters. IMM's new management approach will bring women's hand to the fire department, which is deprived of women's power. 37 more female firefighters will be added to the heroes we see in the middle of successive disasters across the country. Emphasizing that women are capable of doing every task, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu“There are female soldiers, there are also pilots. There is no such thing as not being a firefighter," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to increase women's power in the number of personnel with its new management approach. Upon taking office, the President appointed the first female assistant general secretary in the history of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğluis sensitive about increasing the number of women managers and employees. The first female soldiers of the IMM Istanbul Fire Department; After about 5 months of training, they are excited to disperse to their places of duty with a ceremony to be held on September 13.


Imamoglu, who accepted the Istanbul Fire Department last year on the 306th anniversary of its establishment, said, “We know that women are capable and capable of doing any task. You know well that; There are female soldiers, there are also pilots. There is no such thing as 'but no firefighter'. If there is such a demand, we want the society to reflect our egalitarian understanding, which I believe will happen, to this organization as well. Of course, some physical investments and needs may be required at certain points of our organization. We will do what is necessary, we will do it," he said.


Guzide Sağırdak, one of the first female soldiers of the Istanbul Fire Department, said she came from Denizli. Sağırdak, who graduated from the Department of Economics at 2016 Eylül University in 9, stated that he applied to the Istanbul Fire Department because he could not find a job in his field. Sağırdak, who stated that he received the most support from his father in this regard, said that his father set up a track at home in order to become a firefighter and that's how he prepared for the exams. Güzide Sağırdak said: “First, I learned the details of the track exam from the internet and my father prepared the track at home in accordance with it. He brought big tractor wheels and showed me how to hit him with a big sledgehammer, just like in the exam. He tied the wheels to the ropes and pulled them to me from above. As for weight bearing, as a farmer here, I was lifting 20-pound crates of grapes every day, so it wasn't difficult. With my normal routine and extra exercises, I didn't have much difficulty in the exam.”


Remzi Albayrak, Head of IMM Istanbul Fire Department, who noted that the Istanbul Fire Brigade has strengthened its power with its new female soldiers, said, “Of course, physical strength is important when using the fire extinguisher hose; because pressurized water is given, but there are assistants standing behind it and it is not necessary to stand in the front and be a 'rangeman'. So what I'm saying is; Our job is something that women can overcome with a certain amount of physical strength and knowledge.”

Fire Brigade Instructor Kani Yılmaz said, “We did not conduct an oral interview to comply with the merits principles, we recruited directly based on the average of the written and track exams. Within the scope of basic training, our female firefighters; He completed his training on subjects such as first aid, firefighting, occupational safety, extinguishing and rescue equipment, and dangerous substances. Here, we teach you how to go to the scene quickly in an emergency, without following the traffic rules, but ensuring the safety of the citizens.


The first step to recruit female firefighters was taken in February 2021. In total, a quota of 250 people was reserved for female candidates in the recruitment of 50 firefighters. 179 female candidates applied via e-Government. According to the success ranking made after the written and applied exams, 38 female candidates were entitled to be appointed (1 person did not continue). Female Firefighters received approximately 560 hours of training within the scope of "Basic Firefighter Training".

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