42 Kocaeli Software School Opened

Kocaeli software school opened
Kocaeli software school opened

The second address in Turkey of the global network of software schools Ekol 42, which uses a learning-based method among students, was opened in 42 Kocaeli, Informatics Valley. Ekol 42, where almost all of the graduates find jobs, is based on the principle that students discover their limits in the field of software by using the gamification method without a teacher. 42 Kocaeli's official opening in Turkey's technology and innovation base, Informatics Valley, was held by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Varank stated that nearly half of the students studying in 42 schools in the world are employed, although all of their graduates have no previous coding experience and said, “Students who graduate from here start working in the world's best companies in the field of informatics and software. These schools are in fact a unique human resource area for the software industry, which acts as a special talent pool.” said.


Being the first school of Ekol 42 schools in Turkey, which stands out with its internationally innovative teaching model in the field of software, 42 Istanbul started its activities in Vadi Istanbul at the beginning of September. 42 Kocaeli, the second school included in the global network of Ekol 42 from Turkey, was opened with a ceremony held in Informatics Valley. Addressing the young people who have started their new generation coding journey, Minister Varank briefly said:


Open Source Platform 42 Kocaeli, run by Informatics Valley, will provide 339/1155 training in an area of ​​7 square meters with a capacity of 24 computers. 3 people registered for the first pool training at the software school, which received more than 172 applications from all over Turkey. 42 Students who will study in Kocaeli will have the opportunity to receive education at the IT Valley campus, right in the heart of the technology ecosystem.


Although nearly half of the students studying in 42 schools around the world have no previous coding experience, all of their graduates are employed. Students who graduate from here start to work in the world's best companies in the field of informatics and software. These schools are in fact a unique human resource area for the software industry, which acts as a special talent pool. I believe that our 42 Istanbul and 42 Kocaeli schools will achieve the same performance in the near future.

OUR CLAIM IS GREAT: Our expectation from you, our young people, is that you, as entrepreneurs, contribute to Turkey's future and the informatics ecosystem. We have a big claim in consolidating the open source software development culture in our country. We are mobilizing all our means to raise the technology fire in our youth. Here, last week, we held a technology festival to which 40 thousand teams applied, together with our 72 stakeholders. In TEKNOFEST competitions, we even had young people trying to produce robots that could farm in space, inspired by their grandfather's field.


At the HackIstanbul event, which we held together with the Presidency's Digital Transformation Office, nearly 2 young software developers showed their skills in the field of cyber security. Cyber ​​hackers infiltrating the water supply system in a city in the USA in the past months have easily poisoned hundreds of people by increasing the amount of chlorine in drinking water. Companies may face irreparable losses through malicious software. For this reason, we need heroes who will protect their country and citizens without hesitation in the software world.


Turkey Open Source Platform 42 Kocaeli Software School was implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, under the direction of Informatics Valley, in partnership with TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE, with the support of Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), East Marmara Development Agency (MARKA) and Gebze Chamber of Commerce.


With the partnership of ISTKA AND MARKA, 27 million lira guided project support was established and the schools provide free education 7/24. Ekol 42 schools work with a model based on learning among students rather than student-teacher relationships. In this model, it is aimed to develop the critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills of the participants. A team also guides the curriculum.


In the Ekol 42 curriculum, first of all, students learn basic programming concepts and the basics of the C language. The curriculum goes deep for students starting UNIX, graphics programming and web programming. In the next stages, students can work in areas that require expertise such as Object Oriented Programming, Mobile, Functional Programming, Web Security, Reverse Engineering, Malicious Code, Core Programming, Network Programming, Artificial Intelligence, 3D.


An international brand with 23 campuses in 36 countries, Ekol 42 is among the best coding schools in the world. It is aimed that these schools, which are expected to provide a paradigm shift in software education, will increase Turkey's software developer potential to higher levels and increase its international competitiveness in this field.


Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz, Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, Informatics Valley General Manager Serdar İbrahimcioğlu, ISTKA Secretary General İsmail Erkam Tüzgen, MARKA Secretary General Mustafa Copoğlu, TÜBİTAK TÜSSIDE General Manager İsmail Doğan and attended the opening. . At the ceremony, the Founding Members of the Platform; Microsoft, Aselsan, Havelsan, Intertech, Kuveyt Türk, Turkcell Teknoloji, Turkish Airlines, Türk Telekom, Baykar, OBSS, Vakıf Katılım Bankası, Ziraat Teknoloji, Koç University, Turkish Informatics Association, TÜSİAD, TÜBİSAD and TÜBİTAK and AWS, which are the sponsor members of the platform , SAP, Globalnet, Veripark and Profelis also took part.


At the opening ceremony, new members of the Turkish Open Source Platform, consisting of 23 members and 7 sponsors, were introduced. Getir, BAYKAR and Gebze Chamber of Commerce were given participation plaques. Gebze Chamber of Commerce President Nail Çiler, on behalf of BAYKAR General Manager Haluk Bayraktar, SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş and Getir Founding Partner Tuncay Tütek received plaques.

2023 GOAL: 10 UNICORNs

In his speech during the presentation of the plaque, Minister Varank talked about the 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy and said, “We want to launch at least 2023 unicorns, that is, companies with a valuation of over billion dollars, from Turkey by 10, and we will call them 'Turcorn'. Then they made fun of us. They said, 'There is no such ecosystem in Turkey, there is no such entrepreneurial atmosphere. There will be no unicorn or Turcorn from Turkey.' At the point we have reached today, the number of unicorns in Turkey has reached 5. Hopefully, it will reach 2023 by 10.” said.


Varank then with the students sohbet After taking pictures, he visited the school where he rang the bell.


Berke Tolga, a graduate of Computer Engineering from 42 Kocaeli school students, stated that his dream is to establish a game company and said, “There is no teacher, we tell each other with friends. We learn from each other. We are in constant interaction and even if we don't know anything, we feel that we learn more when we tell someone. There is a very different model. By fiddling with it, we try to acquire that knowledge ourselves, while also learning how to learn it.” said.


Management Engineering student Yağmur Atilla stated that he never slept through the night and said, “When I put my head down and want to rest, something comes to my mind immediately. It's about the training program about codes. There is a little curiosity about what else I can do. I want to push my limits.” he said.


Tuğba Aktaş emphasized that she studied computer engineering but froze her school for 42 Kocaeli, saying, “My school is a place worth freezing. Because it is a warm environment and I am learning. We learn something at school, but you yourself have to constantly push. I feel like I'm being forced to push myself here." said.

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