Appointed 10 Days Ago, TCDD General Manager Resigned

The general manager of tcdd, who was appointed the day before, resigned
The general manager of tcdd, who was appointed the day before, resigned

Abdulkerim Murat Atik, Chairman of the Board of Sun Group, who was appointed to the General Directorate of TCDD 10 days ago by presidential decree, resigned.

According to the news of Eray Görgülü from T24; Metin Akbaş, Deputy General Manager, replaced Atik. It was claimed that Atik, who signed a 4 million Euro privatization contract with TCDD on April 40, was also a member of the Adnan Oktar group.

“I don't want to review”

While no statement has been made yet from TCDD or the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure regarding the reason for Atik's resignation, Murat Atik, reached by T24, did not answer the questions regarding the resignation by saying, "I do not want to make an assessment right now."

Headquarters post contract of 40 million Euros

Meanwhile, the news that Murat Atik took over from Ali İhsan Uygun with the handover ceremony was removed from TCDD's corporate website. It was claimed that Sun Group Chairman Atik, who received Turkey's first private passenger transport license for railways from the Ministry of Transport on 28 December 2020, was appointed to the institution to accelerate TCDD's privatization efforts. It was also revealed that Sun Group signed a 4 million Euro contract with TCDD on April 2021, 40 for the privatization of the Cappadocia Express.

It was alleged that he was a member of Adnan Oktar Group.

After he was appointed as the General Manager of TCDD, the claim that he was a member of Adnan Oktar's group about Atik also came to the agenda. It was revealed that Atik İnşaat company was one of the addresses raided by the police within the scope of the operation carried out on Adnan Oktar group in 1999, and that Atik's name was ranked 2008th in the list of Oktar Group members in the file regarding the sexual abuse case filed against the Oktar Group in 40. It was also claimed that Atik transferred 200 thousand TL annually to the Oktar Group.

“We will overcome the difficulties” message from the new general manager

In the message sent by Metin Akbaş, Deputy General Manager of Atik, to the employees of the TCDD General Directorate, the statement "There is no difficulty that cannot be overcome" drew attention.

Akbaş used the following expressions in his message: “My dear colleagues, As a member of a family of three generations of railwaymen, I stepped into the profession when I was a child. As a brother who always raised the excitement I felt in the first days of my acquaintance with the railways, I hope that the new era will bring blessings to our state, our nation and the railway community. We must increase our energy as much as our responsibility and prepare our 'Motherland, which we have knitted with iron-clad irons', for strong tomorrows. When the TCDD family, which has a tradition, puts their shoulders together, there is no problem that cannot be overcome and there is no problem that cannot be solved. My dear friends, as railroaders, who have made us proud in our 165-year history and have signed many success stories that made us look to the future with confidence, we will serve our beautiful country with the same determination and determination. Together, we will achieve important successes that will keep our brotherhood and solidarity at the highest level. We will leave our railway tradition stretching from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey as a legacy to future generations. With the honor and happiness of working together, I wish you and your family good health and success in your work.”

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