Zafer Airport has been put on the For Sale List

Zafer Airport
Zafer Airport

IC İçtaş, the contractor and operator of Zafer Airport, which was built with the build-operate-transfer model and made a name for itself in the world by not reaching even 1 percent of the guaranteed number of passengers, announced that they are waiting for offers for sale.

Things are not going well at Zafer Airport, which was opened in 2012 with the Build-Operate-Transfer model to serve the provinces of Kütahya, Afyon and Uşak.

According to the news in SÖZCU, Speaking to Bloomberg, Abdullah Keleş, the operator of IC İçtaş, said that they are waiting for offers to sell Zafer Airport.

Keleş said, “We are ready to hand over the airport to anyone who pays our investment costs and assumes the debt.”

Claiming that they have not earned a penny from the airport until now, Keleş said that despite government guarantees, they have to transfer capital to the airport every year.


The company, which has an investment cost of 50 million euros, made a guarantee payment of 2012 million euros in total in the 2020-45,9 period.

While the total population of Kütahya-Afyon and Uşak, where the airport serves, was 1 million 678 thousand people, the passenger guarantee given to the airport for 2020 was 1 million 280 thousand. In 2020, the number of people using the airport remained at 7429, and the margin of error reached an unbelievable level of 99 percent.

Before the pandemic, the number of passengers at the airport reached only 2019% of the guaranteed number of passengers in 6.

IC İçtaş has the right to operate the airport until 2044.



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