Working and Learning at Audi Moves Away

working and learning at audi moving away
working and learning at audi moving away

With flexible working arrangements, Audi takes the first step on the road to hybrid business. Participants will be able to conduct up to 20 percent of their training programs remotely.

The concept of 'New Normal', which came into our lives with the pandemic process, brought with it the obligation to implement new and flexible methods, especially in the way of doing business.

Audi, which has made significant progress in digital transformation, also attaches importance to the transformation processes of collaborations. Continuing to expand the combination of distance, part-time remote and office-based work in this direction, Audi also includes distance learning in its vocational training programs.

Collaborating with local trade associations, Audi has developed a new plan for a flexible culture of learning and collaboration. 20 percent of the training programs prepared for vocational trainees and trainees will be offered digitally at Audi, which has permanently included the distance learning culture, which is included in the concept stage, into the vocational training program.

Things cannot go back to the way they used to be. Finding the right model is important

Audi, which has long accepted working remotely as a part of its corporate culture, has received positive results during the pandemic period. He quickly and successfully transitioned to remote work, enabling digital collaboration models to work across all divisions of Audi.

Planning to continue to expand and develop these models in the future, Audi has recently taken a step towards the hybrid business transformation. Based on the concept of 'New Normal', which was included in our lives during the pandemic process, he implemented the project called 'Better Normal - Better Normal'. Developed to further increase the flexibility of the working environment, Audi focuses on creating flexible structures as much as possible.

AUDI AG Human Resources and Organization Board Member Sabine Maassen stated that it is not possible for jobs and ways of doing business to be the same as before, and said that in addition to remote working arrangements for employees, they will also implement distance education for vocational trainees with a new workforce management contract that will come into effect in September. .

Distance learning is a very logical step

Saying that they approach digital transformation holistically from education to retirement, Maasen said, “Therefore, making educational content and learning methods accessible remotely and digitally is a logical step. Our agreement, which envisages distance education for vocational trainees, therefore lays an important foundation.”

The workforce management agreement on distance learning is considered a significant investment in the future of Audi and its young employees. The technological experience that the trainees will gain in the later stages of their careers, as well as in the field of digital communication, will also allow their self-confidence to increase.

In addition, new didactic learning methods will be applied digitally depending on the suitability of the training content. In this way, vocational trainees can flexibly; they will be able to receive training from anywhere in the country, not only in factories or facilities.

The trainees, who will be given more freedom with distance learning and can improve their self-management skills, will be able to participate in guided digital training units or work on the company's learning platform moodle learning units.

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