The Future of Validebağ Grove was Discussed at the Workshop

The future of validebag grove was discussed at the workshop
The future of validebag grove was discussed at the workshop

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) organized the “Workshop on the Future of Validebağ Grove”. In the workshop, which aimed to reveal the problems and expectations with a common mind and consensus, the current situation of Koru in ecological values, cultural heritage, law and administrative fields was evaluated. Solution proposals were presented in order to preserve its natural and cultural structure within the integrity of the ecosystem, and to transfer it to future generations. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluDuring his visit to the Validebağ Volunteers, he requested a study to be conducted under the moderation of IPA and the creation of a final proposal.

IMM Istanbul Planning Agency discussed in a workshop what needs to be done in order to preserve and transfer Validebağ Grove, one of the environmentally and culturally unique areas of Istanbul, to future generations. Representatives of authorized and relevant institutions and organizations, experts and academics working on the subject participated in the “Workshop on the Future of Validebağ Grove” held at IPA Florya Campus. In the workshop, it was aimed to identify the problems and expectations regarding Koru together and to put forward the solution proposals with common mind and consensus.


Emrah Şahan, Head of the Istanbul Planning Agency, who made the opening speech of the workshop, emphasized that the ecosystem of the cities should be the priority agenda. Saying, “We must remember and remind that the ecosystem of our cities is a priority agenda in these days when disasters such as fires and floods are burning our hearts in many parts of Turkey,” Şahan underlined that the Validebağ Grove is an important issue for all of Istanbul. Stating that they evaluated the future of Koru with a scientific coordination, Şahan said:

“Validebağ Grove is only for Üsküdar, Kadıköynot of; It is an important subject of Istanbul. Validebağ Grove is an area that has been tired and battered for years. As Istanbul Planning Agency, we are handling this issue with scientific coordination under the leadership of our President Ekrem. To identify the problems and expectations regarding the Validebağ Grove together with the participation of authorized representatives of relevant institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional chambers, experts and academics working on the subject; We aim to present solution proposals with a common mind and consensus.”


In order to protect and develop the natural and cultural structure of the Validebağ Grove and to maintain the ecosystem integrity, problems, needs, expectations and threats regarding ecological values, cultural heritage, legal and administrative status were put forward, and solutions were offered for the solution of existing problems. The workshop was held under the following four headings:

'Current Status of Validebağ Grove', 'Preserving Validebağ Grove' 'Joint Evaluation of the Current Status of Validebağ Grove' and 'Solution Suggestions for Validebağ Grove'


Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu, Üsküdar Municipality gave support to the Validebağ Care and Rehabilitation Project by visiting the Validebağ Volunteers, who were on 'Koru vigil', against the 'Validebağ Care and Rehabilitation Project' announced by Üsküdar Municipality that it would start on June 21. Stating that he appreciated the efforts of the people of the region in the Validebağ Grove, İmamoğlu asked the volunteers to present their ideas and create a final proposal for the work to be moderated by the IPA (Istanbul Planning Agency) during his visit. Imamoglu made the following suggestion:

“Let a final proposal be prepared under the moderation of IPA, which will quickly incorporate the work you have done with you into the process. Who is this offer for? To us, to IMM. This offer is to the Üsküdar Municipality, the Ministry of Urbanization, as it was to us. In fact, let me present the result myself to the Minister of Urban Planning and its officials.”


Validebağ Grove, which has a history of approximately 200 years, is one of the largest green areas of the Anatolian Side with its 35,4 hectares size. With its size, biodiversity and ecosystem presence, it provides benefits to wildlife, cities and citizens in different dimensions. It stores more than 93 thousand tons of carbon per year, including 3 tons per hectare. Every year, it collects 921 tons of dust in total and contributes to the cleaning of the air in the region. Located on the migration routes, Koru has two faces of 2 kinds of herbaceous plants in Istanbul, 485 of Turkey's 130 winter species and 400 of over 31 butterfly species. In addition, there are 12 species and around 100 thousand trees and shrubs, including 101 trees worth protecting, 6 of which are monumental trees. In the grove, there are civil architectural examples belonging to the 19th and 20th centuries, registered and unregistered Ottoman period, as well as cultural assets consisting of official structures of the Republican period.

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