Master Theater Actor Ferhan Şensoy Died

Master Theater Actor Ferhan Şensoy Lost His Life in the Hospital He Was Treated
Master Theater Actor Ferhan Şensoy Lost His Life in the Hospital He Was Treated

Master theater actor Ferhan Şensoy, who was treated at the hospital last month due to health problems, passed away. The master artist had been receiving treatment since July 2 for internal bleeding.

The master, who took over from Münir Özkul and passed it on to Rasim Öztekin, has acquired a unique place in the Turkish Theatre. Theater actor Ferhan Şensoy (70), who was treated for a complication that occurred in the wound area after the angiography he had done last month, passed away last night.

It was learned that master theater actor Ferhan Şensoy had internal bleeding and was rushed to the hospital on July 2. Şensoy had an angiogram some time ago due to health problems.

It was learned that the artist was taken to Taksim Training and Research Hospital due to the complication that developed due to angiography, and was transferred to a private hospital for precautionary purposes after his treatment there.

What Was Ferhan Şensoy's Disease?

Derya Sensoy, in a statement on Twitter last July about her father Ferhan Şensoy's illness, said, “My father Ferhan Şensoy had a complication that occurred at the wound site after an operation on his veins last month. He is currently in good health. Thank you for your well wishes.”

Who is Ferhan Sensoy?

Ferhan Şensoy was born on February 26, 1951 in Çarşamba, Samsun. Turkish theater, cinema and television actor; Writer of novels, essays, diaries, television series and film scripts, poet and founder of Ortaoyuncular theater group, the master has gained a unique place in the Turkish Theatre. The one-player play Ferhangi Şeyler, the best-known play that has been going on since 1987, Şensoy took over the Ortaoyuncular Kavuğu from Kel Hasan Efendi to the present day from Münir Özkul and handed it over to Rasim Öztekin. Şensoy, who also studied at Galatasaray High School for a while, graduated from Çarşamba High School in 1970.

Şensoy, who had his first professional acting experience in 1971 under the roof of Group Players, continued his theater education and studies in France and Canada between 1972-1975, while continuing with names such as Jerome Savary and Andre-Louis Perinetti. He received the Best Foreign Writer award. He also played at the Theater De Quatre – Sous in Montreal, and in the musical Harem Qui Rit, which he directed. He returned to Turkey the same year.

Şensoy, who acted in Nisa Serezli – Tolga Aşkıner Theater, also wrote various sketches for TRT and Devekuşu Cabaret Theater in 1976. At Stardust Nightclub, he wrote a cabaret show called Gossip Show,

Şensoy, who performed with Adile Naşit, Perran Kutman, Pakize Suda, Sevda Karaca and Istanbul Gelişim Orchestra, took part in the Puppet and Puppetry Cabaret shows written by Arda Uskan and composed by Fuat Güner.

After the publication of his first book, Kazancı Yokuşu, in 1978, Şensoy made his first film work with the director Temel Gürsu, Who Doesn't Beat Your Daughter. He took part in the play Avantadan Lavanta and directed it. The artist, who received awards for them, also wrote many books. He has also appeared in television series and movies. Şensoy married Derya Baykal in 1988 and divorced in 2004. Müjgan Ferhan Şensoy and Derya Şensoy had two daughters.

On the night of August 30, 2021, the artist underwent angiography in June of the same year due to health problems and suffered an internal hemorrhage in July.

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