Turkish Red Crescent Support for Extinguishing Efforts from Urla

turk kizilay urladan support to termination studies
turk kizilay urladan support to termination studies

Turkish Red Crescent Urla Branch teams supported those who served in the forest fire in Gülbahçe-Balıkova by distributing various treats.

Turkish Red Crescent Urla, Red Crescent Women's Urla, Young Red Crescent Urla and Kızılay Urla Accessible Club members and volunteers prepared and distributed cold sandwiches, halva, and bread for approximately 35 people.

In addition, ayran, liter of water, half a liter of water, cake, crackers, various treats and fruit juice were provided. For the production of sandwiches, pita bread, lavash bread, bread, sandwich bread, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, cling film for wrapping sandwiches, paper towels, wet wipes were distributed. Mask, head lamp, blanket, mince pita, watermelon, cold water and ice cream were provided for ayran throughout the night. A large garbage bag was brought to the forest workers working in the fire area to transfer food, water and collect the garbage, a new large trash bin to put ice, a large pot, a small tube for making tea, a teapot, sugar and tea. Meatballs were distributed. Emergency medical aid materials such as burn ointment, artificial tear drops, and oxygenated water were brought against burns.

Starting at 06.30 in the morning, breakfast consisting of cold sandwiches, olives and jam was distributed.

Nurgül Saltık, Head of the Urla Branch of the Turkish Red Crescent, said: "I would like to thank our donors and all our friends who contributed, we say that we will not experience a disaster again, and I congratulate the Forestry Directorate and Fire Brigade staff for their self-sacrificing efforts to prevent the spread of the fire and extinguish it."

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