Tırport Increases Its Business Volume More Than 10 Times During the Pandemic

tirport has more than doubled its business volume in the pandemic
tirport has more than doubled its business volume in the pandemic

Leading the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry, Tırport has increased its business volume more than 1,5 times in the past 10 years, managing more than 3,400 FTL transportation per day and serving more than 70 thousand truckers.

Noting that the end-to-end management of Tırport's transportation operations via mobile phone and reaching reliable truckers is the digital transformation point, Tırport Board Member Responsible for Marketing Burcu Kale said:

“In these days when Turkey's largest logistics companies can transport a maximum of 2.500-3.000 FTL (full truckloads) per day, as Tırport, we have increased the daily transportation to 3.500 FTL trucks, with the high demand especially from SMEs, and we aim to reach 2021 thousand FTL daily transportation by the end of 4. we are planning. When SMEs could not reach suitable trucks with the classical methods they are used to due to the coronavirus, they discovered the digital platform Tırport. Likewise, truckers prefer to quickly become Tirport members. At this point, the number of active members in our system has exceeded 70 thousand. As Tırport, by the end of 2023, we plan to capture a 7% market share and manage more than 30 thousand shipments per day. We want to be the number one choice of 250 thousand truckers in Turkey, where they can find cargo, be aware of return load opportunities while on the road, and receive 7/24 support from our call center in case of any problem. At the same time, we will be one of the leading technologies in the logistics ecosystem in Europe, Africa and the Turkic Republics.

Tirport increases efficiency in logistics by 80% and reduces waiting time by 43%

Tırport, the Turkish Logistics Technologies Startup, adds value to logistics companies, manufacturers and truckers with its technologies. Tırport, which is among the 3 leading logistics digital platforms in Europe, increases efficiency in logistics operations management by more than 80%, reduces truckers' return load waiting times by 43%, and enables logistics operations to be monitored and managed in real-time and location-based.

Benefits of Tirport to truckers and corporate companies:

A-Tırport Trucker Application (iOS, Android) Truckers with:

1-They can quickly reach the load that meets the characteristics and expectations of the truck, whenever and wherever they want.

2-While they are still on the road, they can find a return load with the support of smart algorithms.

3-They can be included in the “Reliable” portfolios of certain cargo owners and logistics companies and will be instantly informed of the cargo opportunities that will arise from them.

They can reach Tırport Smart Call Center 4-7/24.

5- With the Param Tırport Card, they can receive their transportation payments directly to their Tırport card, as well as benefit from discounted fuel and other advantages.

B-Tırport Corporate Application (iOS, Android, i-pad) with Cargo Owners and Logistics Companies:

1-They can monitor and manage all transportation operations 7/24. They can see how many trucks are open in which operations, how many are in the loading phase, how many are on the road, and how many are in the delivery process. In case of any problem, they can intervene immediately.

2-They can manage their operations from a single point, monitor all processes of their operations in real time, control them more effectively, analyze their data more healthily and optimize their work flows.

3-They can find spot loads on Tirport for the fleet trucks that will have to return empty. Thus, while increasing their profitability by using the trucks in their fleet more efficiently, they can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the empty km rate of their vehicles.

4-They can monitor the performance of their drivers and measure their profitability and efficiency on the basis of trucks.

5-They can create a “reliable trucker” pool from the truckers they have transported and are satisfied with, and they can first offer them loads when they need it.

6-They gain the power to manage their documents digitally. They can access all official documents such as waybills and invoices digitally from anywhere.

7-They can access all historical transportation data and current trucker documents 7/24 digitally.

From 8-Tırport web-based dashboards, all the reports they need in Tırport management panels are always ready for their own real-time, location-based, timeframes they want.

9-Tırport can be easily integrated into existing ERP structures. With Tırport, they can make their load entries in bulk and speed up their workflow by saving their regular loads.

10- They can foresee the truck stuck in the customs, the driver waiting where it should not stop, the one who changes its route, the one who cannot reach the unloading point on time, the one that has arrived at the unloading point and is still waiting for unloading, and can be instantly informed of the disruptions.

11- The U-ETDS reporting infrastructure, which will be made mandatory by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure's New Highways Regulation as of January 1, 2022, is ready at Tırport.



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