They Photographed Space from Bornova

they photographed space from bornova
they photographed space from bornova

Bornova Municipality brought together sky photography enthusiasts in their education with the “Astrophotography Masterclass”. Participants who observed and took photographs had a different experience.

Free trainings for photography enthusiasts, organized in cooperation with Bornova Municipality Film Office (BBFO) and Mevlana Society and Science Center, were held in Uğur Mumcu Culture and Art Center and Kayadibi District.

During the 3-day training, the participants also received theoretical basic information about astrophotography and watched the sky with telescopes, seeing the Moon, planets, star clusters and galaxies more closely.

Astronaut Dr. In the events where Tuncay Doğan and NASA APOD/Astrophotographer Ögetay Kayalı took part as guest trainers, different techniques were photographed and learned how the photographs were processed.

What is astrophotography?

Astrophotography is the photographing of celestial objects in the sky using various techniques and the processing of these photographs with image processing software.

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