Nation's Team in Marmaris Fire Zone

the team of the nation is in the fire zone of marmaris
the team of the nation is in the fire zone of marmaris

While Aliağa Municipality has been supporting the fire extinguishing and cooling works in Marmaris fire area since the weekend, under the coordination of AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency), with sprinkler and construction equipment, this time the Nation's Team started working in the fire area to support both the working teams and the local people. . Aliağa Municipality Nation Team personnel provide support to the teams and local people with the logistics support needed in the fire area, distribution of essential materials, first aid services, moral support works.

Aliağa Municipality teams are working in the fire area with a sprinkler, heavy equipment team and equipment to support the intensive extinguishing and cooling works in Marmaris. The Team of the Nation also participated in the work of the teams that have been working non-stop in the fire extinguishing works for days. Nation's Team, which also includes ambulance and patient transport vehicles, is working to meet the needs of the people of the region affected by the fire. The teams meet various emergency needs such as fireproof gloves, boots, and health supplies that the firefighters can use during their work.

the team of the nation is in the fire zone of marmaris


Aliağa Municipality Health Services Ambulance Service, which works in the region, also supplies first aid materials to the firefighters and the people of the region. In addition to first aid, the teams also provide all kinds of logistics support services for distribution and supply under the coordination of AFAD. Teams Logistics support It carries out support work to quickly meet the needs between the material collection points and the fire extinguishers.

the team of the nation is in the fire zone of marmaris

On the other hand, the catering vehicle belonging to the Aliağa Municipality offers treats such as soup, water and tea to the firefighters and citizens in the fire area without interruption.

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