Future Masters in Ahlat and Manzikert

masters of tradition, ahlat and manazgirt
masters of tradition, ahlat and manazgirt

The 1071th anniversary of the 950 Malazgirt Victory, which changed the history of the world and made Anatolia a Turkish homeland, is celebrated with magnificent events held simultaneously in Manzikert and Ahlat between 23-26 August.

Representing the traditional arts that have been traditionalized all over Anatolia for nearly a thousand years and transferred to today's generations, approximately 50 intangible cultural heritage carriers, each of whom are masters in their field, will be in Ahlat between 23-26 August and in Manzikert between 24-26 August. meet the public with the workshops they will carry out.

The “Turkey on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists” Exhibition, opened by the General Directorate of Research and Education as part of the activities carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will meet with the participants in Malazgirt on 24-26 August. Culture and Tourism Ministry; As a result of the effective work it carries out with UNESCO, Turkey is among the top 5 countries that have registered the most elements on the UNESCO lists, and it also continues its efforts to increase the visibility of our traditional arts, which have a deep rooted and rich history, at the national and international level.

Bringing together artists and art lovers who are the representatives of traditional arts that have been transferred from master to apprentice for hundreds of years, the Turkey Exhibition, one of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, is presented to the attention of young people who will transfer traditions to future generations. The exhibition, which will enable art lovers to experience ancient cultural heritages by coming together with the masters of tradition during the events, aims to create awareness and visibility in the society about cultural heritage awareness.

Our cultural heritage, reflecting information about our history and culture, revealing our values ​​and witnessing the era in which they were produced, are exhibited by their masters during the festival, at the stands where artists from many provinces of our country exhibit their traditional arts. finds the opportunity to see special works related to our traditional arts.

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