Technology Providing Top Level Safety and Efficiency in Automotive Production Facilities

technology that provides high-level safety and efficiency in automotive production facilities
technology that provides high-level safety and efficiency in automotive production facilities

Monitoring the operations on the production line in real time, especially employee safety, is of great importance in the automotive sector, as it is in every sector. Wipelot, which provides software, hardware and consultancy services in the fields of real-time person, equipment and environment monitoring, which forms the basis of digital transformation, makes a difference with its industrial IoT solutions in the automotive sector, where high-risk tasks and environments are frequently encountered during production and other activities. Contributing to the high level of safety and efficiency in automotive production facilities, Wipelot responds to the needs of the industry with pinpoint solutions.

The automotive sector, which is one of the most important business lines of the industry and has an important place in the national economies, integrates into digital transformation with Wipelot's real-time monitoring technologies. Wipelot, which responds to the needs of the automotive industry with pinpoint solutions and is a digital transformation solution partner for modern motor vehicle production facilities; Occupational safety system Wipelot Lone Worker working alone and in risky areas, approach-collision warning system Wipelot Safezone to prevent accidents, social distance monitoring and warning system Wipelot SDS and instantaneous temperature, humidity, gas, light etc. in the environment. With the Wipelot OTX system, which measures information, it contributes to increasing productivity as well as employee safety.

It enables to take quick action against possible risks.

The automotive sector, which is based on technological developments; It gains a much more sustainable and secure structure with real-time monitoring technologies in every process from production to logistics, from occupational safety to efficiency. Wipelot Lone Worker, an occupational safety system that works alone and in a risky area, developed from this point of view, allows tracking the location of employees with Active RFID devices in order to ensure the safety of workers in automotive facilities and parking lots. These tracking devices; it can be carried on the belt, wrist, hard hat or neck of the worker, depending on preference. The system, which quickly detects immobility, impact or falling in the event of a possible danger or accident, activates the alarm, enabling the worker to be located and intervened in the emergency situation. In addition to all these, the worker can also request help by pressing the SOS button on the device he/she carries.

Making the invisible visible in production facilities

It is a great need for the automotive industry that every process of semi-finished products coming for production, starting from the acceptance area and continuing to the stage of delivery to the right point, can be monitored and visible. By using Active and Passive RFID tags in a hybrid way, Wipelot distinguishes itself from the competitors in the sector and makes all operational processes such as shipment and tracking of the manufactured parts visible. The system can also be used for the locations of all inventories in these areas, the shelf arrangement, the order of shipment, the correct stacking of the boxes, and the tracking and optimization of their transportation. In addition, Wipelot can instantly monitor information such as temperature, humidity, gas, light in the production facilities and chemical facilities with the OTX system.

Allows a safe and isolated working environment against the pandemic

With the effect of the global epidemic, one of the most important agenda topics in business life is to maintain minimum social distance in closed areas. Wipelot SDS, the social distance monitoring and warning system developed in this context, contributes to creating a safe and isolated working environment in accordance with the social distance rules against the COVID-19 pandemic. This system, which differs from its peers with its reporting capability; While monitoring critical situations such as violation of the prohibited area, if any, who committed the violation, how long it continues, whether a certain number of people spend more than a certain amount of time together, it contributes to the creation of safe working environments by warning the personnel with vibration in case of possible safe distance violations.

Does not leave safety to chance in the automotive industry

Wipelot SafeZone, which is an approach-collision warning system to prevent accidents that may occur between construction machines, vehicles, workers or equipment; When the work machine and the worker get too close to each other, it gives an audible, vibrating and visual warning and warns the driver and pedestrians against collisions. At the same time, it prevents loss of time in the automotive industry with its real-time tracking technology, which enables the location of vehicles to be determined quickly in production facilities and parking lots.

Ultra-precise positioning technology

In the automotive industry, where metal density is high, location determination often plays a vital role. While many tracking and tracking technologies are insufficient for precise location determination, Wipelot is able to detect precise location in required areas with UWB (Ultra Wide Band-Ultra Wide Band) technology. One of the biggest differences that Wipelot technology offers in the field of occupational safety is that in the automotive sector, where many production facilities are together, it is possible to monitor multiple alarm center systems simultaneously within the facility and to make possible emergencies visible thanks to sensitive location information. The system, which provides instant location data, can be used by more than one central server. The system, which allows to access real-time location data from anywhere in the world or to monitor the information of the facility instantly with the choice of on-prem (local) server or cloud server system, minimizes data loss thanks to backup servers in case of possible server failures. Wipelot provides companies in the automotive industry with significant advantages in their digital transformation processes with its developable IoT solutions that make all operations and occupational safety visible in production.

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