TCDD Monoblock Wheel Supply Tender Result

tcdd monoblock wheel supply tender result
tcdd monoblock wheel supply tender result

TCDD 904 Monoblock Wheel Supply Tender Result

2021 companies submitted bids for the TCDD 122850 Monoblock Wheel Supply tender, with an approximate cost of 7.221.175 TL, under the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Administration 904/7 KIK number, and a contract was signed with Epsilon NDT, which won the tender, for 276.860 Dollars recently. The firm submitted a bid below the limit value.

The tender covers the supply of 904 Monoblock Wheels. The contract will be valid from 29 July 2021 to 25 April 2022.

Günceleme: 27/08/2021 11:09

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  1. Kardemir was going to manufacture body, what happened?.. did the production slow down? The use of the wheels bought and to be taken should be followed well and the faults arising from the production should be compensated to the manufacturer. The follow-up work should be strictly supervised. The technical acceptance should be done by experts. Its maintenance should be done according to the procedure. tcdd need can be tendered together with the subsidiary. There is an advantage.

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