Usage Areas of Wet Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor Heating Systems
Underfloor Heating Systems

In floor heating systems, which are practically preferred in order to meet the need for heating in living and working areas, especially watery underfloor heating It is a suitable system for use in many different areas. As Hak Energy, we generally apply underfloor heating systems in homes, but we also offer these systems for use in many different businesses such as mosques, schools, hospitals, stadiums, carpet pitches, stores or Turkish baths.

Can Underfloor Heating Be Made Later?

Since underfloor heating is laid on a project basis with special materials on the floor in a special way, both installation and conversion processes are included in the application. In this context, homeowners and business owners wonder whether they can be converted to underfloor heating in systems such as honeycomb heaters or heat pumps. In this regard, our company provides services with the assurance of brands such as Rehau. underfloor heating It can transform in every area where heating sources such as natural gas, solar energy and heat pump are available for installation.

For example, even when there is a central heating system in an apartment, it can be converted to a floor heating system. In other words, all apartments in the apartment can be used thanks to the underfloor heating central system. In general, when considering the use of water systems in underfloor heating systems, it is possible to apply at many desired points without any restrictions.

Natural Gas Underfloor Heating Systems

Especially today, natural gas is one of the most used sources in modern heating systems in residences or workplaces. In this case, the heating system receives heat energy from the combi boiler for heating purposes. In this type of residence or business underfloor heating While performing the conversion, it is possible to install underfloor heating natural gas systems.

For example, if heating in a kindergarten is provided with a combi-connected honeycomb central heating system, an underfloor heating system and combi boiler can be installed in this institution. In this case, a wider area is obtained by removing the honeycomb use in the nursery, while a healthier heating opportunity can be provided for both children and staff with floor heating.

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