Ended at Earthquake and Disaster Training Center in Sultanbeyli

The earthquake and disaster education center in sultanbeyli has come to an end.
The earthquake and disaster education center in sultanbeyli has come to an end.

An Earthquake and Disaster Training Center is being built in the district by Sultanbeyli Municipality. On the anniversary of the 17 August Marmara Earthquake, Mayor Hüseyin Keskin made investigations in the center. The center where applied trainings on disasters will also be given; It was designed as a structure that can transform into a temporary living space for people in case of a disaster.

The fact that Turkey is located in an earthquake zone makes it necessary for our country to be prepared for disasters due to floods and fires. In this context, Sultanbeyli Municipality, which previously established the Sultanbeyli Search and Rescue Team (SAKUT), is now implementing the Earthquake and Disaster Training Center project against possible disasters. Earthquake and Disaster Training Center, which is in the process of being established on an area of ​​14 thousand square meters, is one of the first disaster centers. The tracks where first aid, flood, wreck rescue and fire training will be given in the project area; disaster exhibition area, amphitheater information area, transformable recreation area, emergency meeting areas, simulation room, earthquake simulation room, restaurant and soup kitchen will be created. In addition to these, there will be an emergency logistics center, seminar hall, temporary shelters, coordination center, earthquake tents for 8 people, and a helipad, which are of great importance for the post-disaster.

Mayor Hüseyin Keskin, who gave information to the members of the press on the subject, said, “Today, we conducted investigations at the Earthquake and Disaster Training Center, which we believe will make a great contribution to our district and which we see as the need of our Sultanbeyli. When the construction of our Earthquake and Disaster Training Center project is completed, it will play an important role in creating disaster awareness in our district with the opportunities it provides to our citizens and applied disaster trainings. Hopefully we will have to use it for educational purposes only. I commemorate our citizens who lost their lives in the 22 August Marmara Earthquake, whose pain we still feel deeply, even though it is its 17nd anniversary today. May my Lord protect our world, our country and our district from all disasters. said.

Emphasizing the ability of the education center to transform into a living space after disasters, President Keskin said, “Each of the sections in the open area is transformed into a temporary accommodation area where citizens can live comfortably. Again, some parts of the center become safe shelter areas in case of need. On the other hand, we designed the restaurant section to be a soup kitchen after the disaster. There is also a logistics center in the center where the needs will be met.” said.

Expressing that preparations are made for earthquakes in the district with urban transformation, Mayor Keskin said, “We passed our zoning plan notes, which provide great advantages to our citizens with our intense efforts, first from the district council and then from the IMM council. The way for our fellow citizens in the transformation has been opened to a great extent. With the transformation experienced, earthquake resistant structures are increasing in our district.” said.

Expressing that they have dispatched vehicles and teams to respond to the floods and fires in various regions of our country in the past days, Mayor Hüseyin Keskin said, “We are in great sorrow for the losses suffered in the flood and fire disasters in our country. May God have mercy on our brothers who lost their lives, I wish my condolences to our country. From the first moment of the disasters, our state was in the disaster area with all its means to do the necessary work. Our citizens, on the other hand, helped the disaster victims with their own means. As Sultanbeyli Municipality, we take care to stand by our citizens with the necessary team and vehicle support in coordination with the works carried out by our state under the leadership of our President. We will overcome these difficult times by bandaging our wounds together as a nation.” made statements.

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