STM's New UAV Will Hit With BOYGA 81 MM Mortar Ammunition

stmnin's new drone will hit the boyga with mm mortar ammunition
stmnin's new drone will hit the boyga with mm mortar ammunition

STM announced BOYGA, Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Carrying Mortar Ordnance. Working in the field of Fixed and Rotary Wing, Mini Strike UAV Systems and Unmanned Systems for Reconnaissance and Surveillance, STM has added a new one to its projects within this scope. Following the Rotary Wing Striker UAV KARGU and the Fixed Wing Portable Intelligent Ammunition System ALPAGU, the Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Carrying Mortar Ammunition BOYGA was included in the STM product family.

BOYGA, an unmanned aerial vehicle system with 81 mm mortar payload, can drop 81 mm mortar ammunition on the target, thanks to its improved ballistic estimation algorithm, within the planned mission through the Ground Control Station. BOYGA's ammunition, whose ammunition system integration was carried out in cooperation with MKE, was adapted according to the release mechanism. Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle BOYGA Carrying Mortar Ammunition is expected to be exhibited at the STM booth at IDEF 2021.

Mechanical Properties and Performance

  • Dimensions (Rotor to rotor): 800x800x500 mm
  • Diagonal Length: 1.150 mm
  • Platform Geometry: Quad (4 Engines)
  • Weight (without Ammunition): 13,5 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: 15,6
  • Airtime: 35 minutes (with 1 x 81mm mortar)
  • Maximum Flight Altitude: 1,500 m AGL
  • Maximum Navigation Speed: 20 m/s
  • Maximum Wind Speed ​​Resistance: 10 m/s

Imaging System Features

  • Gimbal: 2 Axis
  • Video Resolution: HD 720P
  • Optical Zoom: 10x

Communication System Features

  • Frequency: C Band
  • Link Range: 8 km
  • Security: AES-128

Ground Control Station Features

  • Tablet: 10.1 inch Touch Screen
  • Working Time: 2 Hours

Source: defenceturk

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