Great Interest in Seferihisar Ata Bread and Armola Festival

great interest in the festihisar ata bread and armola festival
great interest in the festihisar ata bread and armola festival

The Ata Bread and Armola Festival, organized for the fourth time by Seferihisar Municipality, brought together thousands of guests in the district with beautiful events. During the day-long festival, Armola made from Ata Bread and goat cheese, which is produced by multiplying the disappearing seed of Karakılçık Wheat and grinding in a stone mill, was introduced.

This year, the fourth Ata Bread and Armola Festival was organized by Seferihisar Municipality. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor due to the fact that he was at the Forest Workshop in Muğla for the opening of the festival. Tunç Soyerİzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Nilay Kökkılınç, Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Adult provincial and district political party representatives and many citizens attended.
Speaking at the opening of the festival, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Nilay Kökkılınç said, “Exactly 10 years ago, in 2011, Topan Karakılçık Wheat in the Gödence village of Seferihisar was traditionally produced in our stone ovens with flour obtained by multiplying at Can Yücel Tohum Center and grinding in village mills. We came together in this beautiful festival, where our baked Ata bread and Armola cheese, which is also made from goat's milk, meet, so that local flavors from the past to the present are kept alive. One of the duties of the local governments, which are elected by the people, is to protect, reveal and keep local values ​​alive, and to make these values ​​universal by promoting them.

exemplary effort

Kökkılınç continued his speech as follows: “İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and our past Seferifisar Mayor, Mr. Tunç SoyerWe see the results of the efforts of our Seferihisar Mayor and his team in this sense, which continues in the same way as the flag he took over from Turkey, in the best way. At the same time, this is an effort that should be taken as an example and will contribute greatly to the tourism of Seferihisar, one of the favorite tourism districts of our country, and indirectly to İzmir. In this sense, I congratulate all those who brought us together in this beautiful festival, especially our Mayor of Seferihisar, and all those who contributed; I would like to thank all the guests who participated in the festival for being a part of this excitement.”

This way our President Tunç Soyer we went out with

Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Adult underlined the importance of public support of producer markets against chain markets, and said, “Thanks to our Ata Bread and Armola Festival, which we organized for the fourth time, we can present our Ata Bread, which has become a brand both in our district and in Turkey, to our citizens in their own region. We will always continue to protect our ancestral seeds. In our Can Yücel Seed Bank, we reproduce many local seeds and deliver them to our citizens. Our Karakılçık wheat also came from this center. As Seferihisar Municipality, we continue our production of karakılçık wheat on 500 decares of land. We are trying to increase the number of bread we produce from our Karakılçık wheat, which is a source of bread for many of our families, and to develop its by-products. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer I would like to thank İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Nilay Kökkılınç, who has not left us alone, representing our Bronze President, with my wishes to produce our Karakılçık wheat all over İzmir on this path we set out with.

During the festival, many different events were organized from theater to concert, from chess tournament to folk dance performances.

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