SANLAB and ASELSAN Nationalized the 6-Axis Motion Platform

sanlab and aselsan nationalized the axis motion platform
sanlab and aselsan nationalized the axis motion platform

Developing simulations for TOGG, Turkey's domestic and national automobile, SANLAB nationalized the 6-Axis Motion Platform, which was purchased from abroad and subject to export license, with the support of ASELSAN, the leading company of the Turkish defense industry. Real-time test systems technology, a first in Turkey, will pave the way for sustainability and new technologies in the Turkish defense industry.

SANLAB, one of Turkey's leading simulator manufacturers, has broken new ground in the Turkish defense industry and managed to nationalize the 6-Axis Motion Platform with the support of ASELSAN. Real-time test systems technology, which started to work in 2017 and enables vibrations and accelerations experienced in air, sea or land vehicles to be simulated with high precision and reality, can be used in many different areas such as aviation, automotive and defense industries. The technology, which will greatly reduce prototype costs with its high strength in military test areas, will play an active role in shortening R&D periods.

It will strengthen Turkey's hand in the defense industry

With SANLAB's R&D and software team of approximately 40 people, the technology nationalized in line with ASELSAN's needs and expectations will reduce Turkey's foreign dependency in the defense industry and increase the defense industry's export revenues. Real-time test systems, which will trigger the development of new technologies and products in the automotive and aerospace fields as well as in the defense industry, will further strengthen Turkey's hand in the defense industry.

Developed with an R&D investment of 15 million TL

Stating that ASELSAN is working with a local company for the first time as a real-time test platform at its facilities in Konya and Ankara, SANLAB Co-Founder Salih Kükrek said, “During the project development, we conducted intense interviews and trial tests. After the tests, we were able to meet their needs to a large extent and we decided to move forward in this technology. ASELSAN has always stood by us, believed in and supported us with great synergy and energy. Our project, which came to life with an R&D investment of 15 million TL, will greatly reduce prototype times, costs and durations and accelerate the development of the defense industry. kazanwill yell. Our own simulation technology, which we have developed with XNUMX% domestic and national resources, will be used instead of technologies of foreign origin, which are subject to export permission from abroad. Thus, while the import expenses of our country's defense industry will decrease, we will contribute to our exports at the same time. In this respect, it has become a technology that makes us extremely proud in terms of our national feelings and what it will add to the future.” he said.

“We will spread our sphere of influence to the world”

Noting that as SANLAB, they have previously produced motion simulation for Turkey's domestic and national automobile brand TOGG with the 'drive in the loop' and 'software and hardware in the loop' simulation infrastructure, Kükrek said, “In the simulation industry, many construction machinery simulation, welding simulation and assembly simulation have been produced. We signed the first. We have contributed to the development of many sectors in our country with the technologies we have developed. With our 6-Axis Motion Platform, we will expand our sphere of influence to more areas and even to the world. Negotiations with allied countries regarding the sale of the project continue. With our technology, we will contribute not only to defense but also to the development of allied countries in fields such as automotive and aviation. In this sense, public authorities support us. We will bring the Turkish defense industry and technology to the forefront of the world with the effect of our technology.” said.

Saying that they see national and domestic suppliers as essential elements of ASELSAN, ASELSAN Deputy General Manager of Supply Chain Management Nuh Yılmaz made the following assessment:

“In order to ensure the full independence of our country in the defense industry and to continue our support to our security forces in case of any production bottleneck or embargo, we consider it imperative to nationalize all critical components by our domestic companies.

Companies that started to work with ASELSAN develop and grow with us in many areas from business methods to technology processes. We welcome and support our companies that walk with us to mature and become well-known brands. On this occasion, we expect all our companies that have reached a certain level of competence and want to work for the defense industry to be a part of our nationalization efforts.”

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