Permanent Solution to Hair Problems

permanent solution to hair problems
permanent solution to hair problems

Hair loss, which is generally known as a men's problem, can also be seen frequently in women after childbirth, due to iron deficiency, hormonal or genetic reasons. The rapidly developing technology also helps in hair loss.

Developing technology offers solutions and innovations in many fields. Hair problems also get their share from the innovations brought by new generation technologies to medical science. Among these, “platelet rich plasma” applications known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are frequently used in our country. Giving information about PRP, Istanbul Hairline Founder Gülşen Şener underlines that PRP is an expensive procedure that needs to be applied with patience and determination, but it offers a permanent solution.

An expensive, persistent but permanent solution

Şener said, “PRP is one of the most preferred hair therapy procedures recently, but it is a very expensive and continuous application. The results of the transactions are obtained in the long term. However, human nature is impatient, they want immediate results and hair loss to stop immediately. PRP is one of the long-term but most permanent and positive results. We do not start the treatment without telling these facts to our clients who want to have this application.”

Gülşen Şener said, “PRP is the process of injecting the plasma with increased platelet amount into the hair follicles. It provides thickening of the hair follicles. Thus, the rate of hair loss is reduced. This procedure is used to prevent hair loss, as well as a method frequently used after hair transplantation," he said, answering the most curious questions about PRP.

“It is important to increase public inspections for the spread of healthy practices”

Underlining that they have achieved good results as a result of PRP procedures performed on patients with curable baldness and hair loss problems, Şener said, “Since we have achieved successful results as a result of PRP methods, we continue to apply this method. We are also preferred because of our selfless work. Although there are many large and small venues working in the same area, the number of well-established and competent centers like us is few. We think that the increase in public inspections is important for the spread of healthy practices.”

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