The Priority of Hair Transplantation is Natural Appearance!

the priority of hair transplantation is natural appearance
the priority of hair transplantation is natural appearance

Hair Transplant Specialist Dr. Levent Acar gave information about the subject. “One of the most important advantages of the DHI method is that shaving, which should be applied to the area to be transplanted, is not a necessity. This method, which is frequently preferred in hair transplantation operations for women, allows dense hair transplantation in narrow areas and allows hair transplantation to be performed in areas where the hair is not completely shed.

This method also provides advantages during the hair transplant operation. Thanks to this specially developed equipment, the collected grafts (hair follicles) are protected 360 degrees and placed in the targeted area without being damaged. In this way, no hair follicles are placed in the target area without being damaged and there is no loss. In addition, thanks to its fine-tipped structure, the Implanter Pen enables faster and more frequent hair transplantation. Thanks to this method, it is possible to determine the direction of the hair, which is one of the key points for the transplanted hair to gain a more natural appearance.

Another factor affecting the success is the opening of the holes we call the channel where the hair follicles will enter in the target area. At this stage, we are using an ultra cutting edge equipment obtained from Safir. Thanks to this equipment, we can make smooth incisions with less tissue trauma and this creates healthy micro channels for hair transplant operations. This highly durable and antibacterial gemstone contributes to denser and better hair transplant practices.

Dr. Levent Acar; We attach great importance to the natural appearance of hair transplantation. For a hair transplantation operation to be successful, it will be formed by the combination of many stages such as the technique used, the equipment and most importantly it is done by experts, and after the operation, the new hair will appear as close to the person's old hairline. He stated that only then can the operation be considered successful if it does.

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