Details of PUBG Mobile Team Up Event Shared

Details of pubg mobile team up event shared
Details of pubg mobile team up event shared

PUBG MOBILE Team Up Challenge 70 tournament, attended by celebrities and more than 2021 influencers around the world, is starting. Hadise, one of the most popular names in Turkish pop music, will lead our teams that participated in the tournament representing our country.

The Team Up Challenge tournament, organized by PUBG MOBILE every year since 2019, will be held this year with the participation of the most popular names in the entertainment and mobile gaming world. Each team representing the six regions in the tournament will have a famous “Captain”; a publisher influencer will lead the participating teams. Hadise is the captain of our teams representing our country in this year's event. Popular publishers Doch, Mezarcı, Nisa Ölmez, Solkay, Frozennx and Soulless formed our teams competing in Team UP.

In the tournament where PUBG MOBILE players support by choosing their favorite teams and earn points for their favorite team by completing daily missions in the game; Each of the points earned helps the teams progress to the finals. The regional qualifiers and the final will take place between August 20-29 and various awards await the participants and the audience.

The game map in the event Erangel: Ignition Quest

At the PUBG Mobile Team Up event, which brought together millions of players from various parts of the world, the game's new map Erangel: Ignition Mission was chosen. Brand new technological innovations from the PUBG MOBILE 1.5 Ignition update will appear on this map. There are six main settlements on the map. Points such as Pochinki, Georgopol, Military Base in the center of the map have undergone a completely technological development with the new update.

In addition, new vehicles such as HyperLines and Air Conveyor, as well as weapons such as ASM ABAKAN, are waiting to be discovered on the map.

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