How to Raise Psychologically Healthy Children?

The secret of raising a mentally healthy child
The secret of raising a mentally healthy child

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. As life goes on, we face all kinds of risks. Economic difficulties, earthquakes, wars, diseases, divorce and death are the main risks we may encounter throughout life.

In other words, why do some people have Anxiety Disorders, Depression or chronic disorders, while some people do not have any mental health disorders or persistent diseases, why are these people not affected by the shocking events they have experienced, or how can these people be that bad after a negative event? get out of the mood and immediately continue their lives from where they left off as if nothing had happened?

Actually, the answer is very simple; Psychologically resilient people are more resilient in the challenges they face in life. So we call it "Psychological Resilience" in psychology.

So what all parents want most is; Raising psychologically sound children.

How to raise mentally sound children?

The secret of this work is actually hidden in teaching your child to struggle with difficulties. In other words, the duties and responsibilities you will assign to your child at a very early age will prepare him/her for the difficulties of life and will bring him/her psychologically.

Another issue is that when you want my child to learn to cope with difficulties, you negatively affect your child's mental health with your wrong attitudes.

Therefore, your correct parental attitudes, moderate love, and caring create a positive self-construction in your child. In this way, no matter what difficulties the child encounters in life, he does not blame the environment, does not feel worthless, continues to hold on to life without giving up and without being negatively affected.

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