Protection Shield for İzmir's Forests

protection shield for the forests of izmir
protection shield for the forests of izmir

Following the ban on entry to forest areas brought by the Izmir Governor's Office due to forest fires that broke out one after another throughout the country, the municipal police of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started inspections in these regions. Police teams, which keep critical points under control with the help of drones, also prevent them from entering forest areas.

In order to prevent forest fires, unauthorized access to forest areas was prohibited until 1 October in line with the decision of the Izmir Governor's Office. In order to support the practice, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department also started volunteer work. The personnel, who are mostly on duty leave, started to work again and participated in the inspection and control activities in the forested areas. All-electric utility vehicles were used for the first time in inspections. During the checks, the police officers also collected glass bottles and waste that were thrown on the roadside and caused the fires.

As of yesterday evening, work is being carried out in the forests surrounding İzmir city center with the support of electric cars working with zero waste and aerial drones. Until the end of summer, it is aimed to prevent situations that may cause fires with the checkpoints created on the roads leading to the forests, especially on the weekends, and with patrol teams on the forest roads.

Chairman Soyer: We are on the alert

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer In the message he shared on his social media accounts, “We will work nonstop throughout İzmir to protect our forests. For two months, the municipal police teams of the Metropolitan and all our district municipalities will inspect and be vigilant about the forbidden entrances to the forest. "We will not allow our lungs to burn any more," he said.

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