Pedestal Mounted CİRİT Ready to Inventory

pedestal mounted javelin ready to enter inventory
pedestal mounted javelin ready to enter inventory

The Pedestal Mounted CİRİT Weapon System developed by Roketsan is ready to enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Roketsan continues to produce solutions to enable the missiles developed with an innovative approach to be fired from different platforms. The Pedestal Mounted CİRİT (KMC) Weapon System stands out as a special solution developed for launching Laser and Infrared Imaging Seeker (IIR) guided missiles with its high mobility, 360° rotation feature and stabilized turret system that can be controlled from within the vehicle.

Qualified in 2014, the KMC Weapon System has been successfully integrated and tested on both land and sea platforms. The system can fire UMTAS, L-UMTAS and CİRİT missiles with high impact power, with its firing capability both at a standstill and in motion.

KMC Weapon System;

  • 8 CIRITS or
  • Having the ability to carry 2 UMTAS/L-UMTAS and 4 CİRİT missiles, it offers its user the ability to fire in different configurations.

Developed to destroy tanks, lightly armored vehicles, personnel and opportunity targets, the KMC Weapon System draws attention with its advanced features.

The system outstrips its rivals as it is the only weapon system in the world capable of firing 3 different types of missiles, both laser and IIR guided. Thanks to its stabilized turret, the KMC Weapon System, which provides the ability to shoot while on the move at up to 40 kilometers, offers the user a high hit capability up to 8 kilometers. This system can also carry out reconnaissance and surveillance activities at a range of up to 20 kilometers with the high-tech electro-optical system it carries.

Work continues on the 7,62 mm Machine Gun Integration to the KMC Weapon System.

Source: defenceturk

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