Otokar Extends AKREP II Family with AKREP IId

Otokar extended its scorpion ii family with scorpion iid
Otokar extended its scorpion ii family with scorpion iid

📩 17/08/2021 14:45

One of the Koç Group companies, Turkey's global land systems manufacturer Otokar continues its claim in the defense industry with the new member of the AKREP II product family, the diesel engine version AKREP IId. The AKREP IId, which is eagerly awaited by users, will meet all the expectations of modern armies with its low silhouette, high survivability and mobility, and a weapon carrying capacity of up to 90 mm.

As a supplier to NATO and the United Nations, Otokar takes its claim in land systems to a different dimension with the new generation AKREP II armored vehicle product family, which it designed based on the AKREP armored vehicle family, which it first developed in 1995 and proved itself in domestic and export markets. The AKREP II 4×4 new generation armored vehicle family, designed by Otokar as an armored reconnaissance, surveillance and weapon platform, is expanding with the diesel engine Akrep IId.

Designed to meet the current and future needs of modern armies with its low silhouette, high mobility and survivability, the Akrep II family draws attention with its modular structure suitable for carrying weapons up to 90 mm. Introducing the electric armored vehicle Akrep IIe, the first member of the family, in 2019, Otokar exhibited the diesel version AKREP IId, which is highly anticipated by users, for the first time at IDEF'21.

Superior Maneuverability with Steering Rear Axle

AKREP II's all-wheel drive system and optionally available steerable rear axle offer a unique maneuverability to the vehicle. Thanks to its all-wheel drive system, independent suspension and serial power package, AKREP II has superior mobility in all kinds of terrain conditions such as mud, snow and puddles. The mobility of AKREP II is maximized by the crab movement provided by its steerable rear axle.

Remote Control and Autonomous Capabilities

In AKREP II, the main mechanical components of systems such as steering, acceleration and braking are electrically controlled (drive-by-wire). This feature; It enables remote control of the vehicle, adaptation of driving assistance systems and autonomous driving.

Low Silhouette and Trace

AKREP II, which has a low silhouette, has an infrastructure that allows the use of alternative power sources such as diesel, hybrid and electric. AKREP II offers low silhouette, high mine protection and effective firepower on the same platform. With hybrid and electric drive alternatives, the thermal and acoustic traces of the vehicle are kept at a minimum.

Modular Platform

Developed as adaptable to many different mission profiles, AKREP II has superior firepower and survivability. AKREP II, where it is possible to integrate different weapon systems from medium caliber to 90 mm, can also take part in different tasks such as surveillance, armored reconnaissance, air defense and forward surveillance, as well as fire support vehicle, air defense vehicle, anti-tank vehicle.

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