New Dacia Duster Arrives With Automatic Transmission! Here is the Price

new dacia duster came with automatic transmission
new dacia duster came with automatic transmission

Duster, the model of Dacia that changed the balance in the SUV segment, was renewed. Turkey's SUV leader model will be offered for sale in Turkey as of August 25 with the highly anticipated EDC transmission option. Increasing the driving pleasure with its renewed comfort, design and safety features, Duster meets the consumers with special launch prices starting from 199 thousand TL. Coming with Comfort, Prestige and Prestige Plus equipment levels, the New Duster Arizona will draw attention with its Orange color and will continue on its way stronger with its interior and exterior design details.

The ideal companion for daily use and outdoor adventures, Duster brings a new breath to the SUV segment with its new face. Duster, which has become the icon of the Dacia brand by reaching 2010 million customers since 2, aims to further its success with its new EDC transmission option. Dacia Duster continues to be the address of users who want a very useful SUV with its renewed superior driving characteristics and exterior design.

“We aim to continue our SUV leadership by expanding our target audience with the new Duster”

Expressing that the EDC transmission will add strength to the power of Duster, Renault MAİS General Manager Berk Çağdaş said, “As Dacia, we believe that modern cars should be developed to meet the needs of consumers. We continue to bring more modern solutions to our consumers at affordable prices without compromising our basic philosophy of simplicity and reliability. Duster, which has received great appreciation from consumers since the day it was launched for the first time, has reached a total of 2 million sales in the world. In our country, the model, which is the leader of the SUV in 2020 and in the January-July period of this year, has met with 144 thousand 463 users so far. Since 2013, it has been the uninterrupted 4×4 leader in the passenger car market. Reliable and robust, modern design, wide service network and optimum price benefit ratio play a big role in Duster's leadership. The C-SUV segment is the largest segment in our country after the C-Sedan, with a 19 percent market share. In this segment, which continues its growth trend and where automatic transmission is dominant, 2020 percent of sales in 84 were automatic transmissions. In the segment where the demand for automatic transmission is so high, Duster took the lead with its manual versions. Therefore, the EDC transmission will further strengthen Duster's hand. We aim to maintain our leadership by appealing to a wider audience with the New Duster with its reinforced exterior design details reflecting the brand identity, developing technology and comfort features.”

Duster's character gets stronger with new exterior design

Adding the new Arizona Orange to its color scale, Duster has gained a more contemporary design. The change in design contributes to efficiency with a more advanced aerodynamic structure.

The new Duster draws on the design elements of the Dacia brand identity, used for the first time in the Sandero family. The Y-shaped LED light signature on the front and rear headlights draws attention at first glance. The 3D reliefs on the chrome-looking front grille, on the other hand, provide a modern integrity with the headlights, contributing to the Duster's strong character. Chrome details on the front and rear protection skids, side mirrors and double-colored roof bars also provide integrity in the exterior design.

The new Duster is the first Dacia model to be equipped with LED headlights. This technology is also used in dipped beam headlights and license plate lighting.

With the new work of designers and engineers, aerodynamics is getting better. A new rear spoiler design tested in the wind tunnel and new 16- and 17-inch alloy wheels contribute to the aerodynamics. CO2 optimizations, including the wind drag area, help reduce CO4 levels by up to 4 grams in the 2×5,8 version of the Duster. Since the reduced CO2 and low fuel consumption are in parallel with each other, the aerodynamic improvement in the Duster provides two-fold benefits for consumers.

More modern and comfortable interior

The new Duster promises more comfort to its passengers. With new upholstery, headrests and a high center console with movable front armrest, the passenger compartment offers a much more attractive appearance. It also has two different infotainment system options with its new 8-inch touchscreen.

The new Duster introduces completely new seat upholstery to consumers. The slim form of the headrests improves the visibility of both rear seat passengers and front seat passengers. In addition, users will be able to choose leather upholstery and seat heating options.

The wide center console design with an armrest with 70 mm of movement area stands out as one of the innovations in the interior. The center console houses 1,1 liters of covered storage and, depending on the version, two USB charging sockets for the rear passengers.

In all hardware levels; integrated trip computer, automatic high beam activation and speed limiter with illuminated controls in the steering wheel are offered as standard.

Depending on the equipment level, automatic air conditioning with digital display, cruise control with illuminated controls on the steering wheel, heated front seats and a hands-free card system are offered.

The all-electric steering system of the new Duster is readjusted for medium and high speed driving. Steering gets a little stiffer at speeds above 70 km/h. This new setting supports driving safety and provides the driver with more feedback for a better driving feel. The steering wheel is adjusted softly to facilitate parking and maneuvering at low speeds, increasing driving comfort.

User-oriented multimedia systems

In the new Duster, the radio system with Radio, MP3, USB and Bluetooth features, user-friendly Media Display and Media Nav infotainment systems are offered with an 8-inch touch screen.

The Media Display has features such as 6 speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, 2 USB ports and Apple CarPlay. Special controls on the steering wheel are used to activate the voice command feature. The Media Nav system also comes with integrated navigation and wireless Apple CarPlay.

In addition to eco driving information on the Media Display and Media Nav interface, features such as side inclinometer, tilt angle, compass and altimeter can be accessed from the 4×4 screen.

Ideal driving pleasure for both asphalt and outdoor use

The new Dacia Duster offers a real SUV experience both in daily and outdoor use with its high ground structure, new tires and special 4×4 screen.

The new Dacia Duster offers a ground clearance of 217 mm in the front-wheel drive version and 4 mm in the 4×214 version, while providing a break angle of 21 degrees and an approach angle of 30 degrees. It continues to offer a smooth ride with features such as 34 degrees in the front-wheel drive version and 4 degrees in the 4×33 version.

Doesn't compromise on security

The new Dacia Duster meets expectations with its safety features. In addition to speed limiting and new generation ESC offered as standard, New Duster offers many driving assistance systems (ADAS).

The Blind Spot Warning System, which works between 30 km/h and 140 km/h, Hill Start Assist and the Parking Assistant, which warns the driver audibly during maneuvers thanks to four ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper, make it easier to use. The 360-degree Camera system, consisting of four cameras, one at the front, one on each side, and one at the rear, informs the driver of the environment around the vehicle.

The Adaptive Hill Descent Assist System, available in 4×4 versions, is particularly useful when driving off-road or on steep slopes. The system, which intervenes on the brakes to prevent the vehicle from accelerating on a slope, provides an adaptive driving speed between 5 and 30 km/h depending on the driver's request.

EDC transmission and efficient motor range

The renewed engine range of the New Duster makes driving pleasure possible with lower carbon emissions. The 6-speed automatic EDC transmission, which consumers are eagerly waiting for, is offered with the two-wheel drive TCe 150 engine. In addition to driving pleasure and comfort, the EDC automatic dual-clutch automatic transmission achieves a similar fuel consumption and CO2 emission level with the manual transmission.

Another prominent feature with its renewed face is the capacity of the LPG tank. The capacity of the LPG tank in the ECO-G 100 hp option is increased by 50 percent, reaching 49,8 liters. In the trunk, there is an LPG tank with an increased capacity of 16,2 liters in the spare wheel well. This increases the range by more than 250 kilometers in total. With two fuel tanks, each with a capacity of 50 liters, the new Dacia Duster reaches a total range of up to 1.235 km. The new petrol/LPG switch in the cockpit offers a more ergonomic use. The 3,5-inch TFT screen of the trip computer shows the fuel level of both tanks, as well as information from the ADAC (Digital Driving Assistance Display) on-board computer, including average speed, range and average consumption.

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