Mollakasim Ayanis Road Is Dazzling

mollakasim ayanis road is dazzling
mollakasim ayanis road is dazzling

Van Metropolitan Municipality has completed the asphalt works on the group road of Mollakasim-Ayanis-Özyurt districts of Tusba district. The renewed road was welcomed by the citizens.

Van Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt and road works throughout the city. In this context, the asphalt works on the 3,5-kilometer Mollakasim-Ayanis-Özyurt neighborhoods group road built by the Department of Science Affairs have been completed. Filling, regulating, engineering structures and sub-base materials were laid on the 3,5-kilometer group road, which was completed with the municipality's own resources in a short time. Later, on the road where asphalt paving was made, warning traffic signs were nailed by the teams of the Department of Transportation and road lines were drawn.

Turkey's only landlocked blue cruiser on the group road, which has become more modern and comfortable with the work done. bayraklı While the public beach is also located, the work has pleased both the residents of the neighborhood and the tourists who visit these places.

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