Technical Trip to 1915 Çanakkale Bridge from MMG Bursa Branch!

technical trip from mmg bursa branch to canakkale bridge
technical trip from mmg bursa branch to canakkale bridge

Engineers, architects and students participated in the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge technical tour organized by MMG Bursa Branch. Industry representatives and students, who received information from the authorities during the technical trip, were amazed by the size of the project and the construction technique.

The 4 Çanakkale Bridge, which will take its place in the history of world engineering as the longest span suspension bridge in the world, with a total bridge length of 608 meters, a center span of 2 thousand 23 meters and a total bridge tower height of 318 meters, when completed by the Bursa Branch of the Architect Engineers Group (MMG). What technical trip was organized.

Stating that they were pleased to host the delegation, Deputy Project Manager Alper Alemdaroğlu said that the construction works of the building are continuing at full speed. Alper Alemdaroğlu, who also gave technical information about the project, said, “We will put a structure representing Seyit Onbaşı's cannonball on top of the 318 meters tower foot height in our project, and its height will be 334 meters. It will be the tallest tower foot height in the world at 334 meters. Our bridge will be the largest in the world in terms of tower height and main span.”

Installation of 87 decks in progress

Alper Alemdaroğlu stated that the decks were assembled as long as the weather conditions allowed, adding that 21 of them were monoblocks and 66 of them were mega-blocks. Alemdaroğlu said, “Our goal is to finish the assembly of all decks in the first week of September. In other words, our bridge that will be able to be crossed from Asia to Europe on foot. After that, the welding works at the joints of the decks remain. Our goal is to start in mid-August and finish the welding work in mid-November,” he said.

Thanking Alemdaroğlu for the information he provided, MMG Bursa Branch President Kasım Şükrü Karabulut stated that the project aroused admiration and thanked everyone who contributed from the idea stage to the construction of the project. After the explanations and briefing, the delegation of MMG Bursa Branch had the opportunity to see the project closely by taking a tour around the area where the bridge tower abutments are located, together with the officials of the project.

Source: Kaptan News Agency

Günceleme: 17/08/2021 12:07

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