Minister Varank Tested Modular Traffic Radar

minister varank tested modular traffic radar
minister varank tested modular traffic radar

📩 23/08/2021 14:45

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, during his visit to Radarsan, which produces artificial intelligence-supported technological solutions in the field of radar systems, said, “I was impressed when I saw their capabilities, especially their investments in artificial intelligence. I believe that they will contribute to both the Turkish economy and the world economy with the domestic and national products developed by such domestic and national companies in the coming periods.” said.

Minister Varank also tested the modular traffic radar developed by the company, which can be a pioneer in the world. In addition to speed measurement, the modular radar can recognize both license plates and all vehicle brands and models in the world with its license plate recognition system at high speed. Trafidar, another Radarsan product, was chosen as the reference device by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). Trafidar makes up for the lack of Reference device that Turkey imports from Germany.


Minister Varank visited Radarsan company operating in Technopark Istanbul. During the visit, Minister Varank received information about the artificial intelligence domestic radar systems developed by the company, and tested the world's first modular traffic radar developed by the company. Making statements after the test, Minister Varank stated that Radarsan is a technology company founded by young engineers. Minister Varank said, “They make radar speed measurement devices, but they also have a license plate recognition system that they have developed in a very innovative way. The feature of this system is that it both recognizes license plates and recognizes all vehicle brands and models in the world, very efficiently and at high speeds. Friends asked us to test their product. We did a trial tour here. I can say that it has been quite successful.” said.


Minister Varank stated that they attach great importance to technology entrepreneurship and said, “You know, we can see how newly established companies have succeeded in the last period, how they have become Unicorn, or Turcorn in our term. Radarsan has also developed its own software and algorithms in both speed radars and license plate recognition systems in this area, and especially invested in artificial intelligence. In addition to this, of course, it is an initiative that also produces hardware. Of course, I am really pleased to have known such companies and to host such companies in the technopark ecosystem.” used the phrase.


Underlining that the area where the company continues to work is a very important area in terms of security, Varank said, “Countries are making very serious investments in these areas. These areas are popular in the world, both in terms of traffic safety and the safety of cities. Our company is trying to be a serious player both in Turkey and in the world with the products it develops and produces. I was impressed when I saw their capabilities, especially their investment in AI. We wish them success. I believe that they will contribute to both the Turkish economy and the world economy with the domestic and national products developed by such domestic and national companies in the coming periods.” he said.


Mentioning the success of Turkish technology companies, which has recently been reflected in the world press, Varank continued his words as follows:
“We need to understand Turkey well. Especially during the AK Party governments, we built an R&D ecosystem from scratch, an entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey in 19 years. Investments in this field are very important. We achieved this with investments in infrastructure, R&D, laboratories and people. You know, when we came to power, the number of universities was almost one third of that. We have a very young population. Our young people and young engineers are very successful. We have created a serious ecosystem with the investments we have made in all these areas.


The successes we see these days are initiatives built on this ecosystem, these infrastructures. When we look at our technoparks today, more than 5 of our companies operate in technoparks. Their exports have reached a very serious figure. In addition, when companies that want to develop value-added products do on-site R&D, we give them an R&D center or design center certificate. We provide serious support. When we consider this whole ecosystem, we can see that Turkish entrepreneurship, especially Turkish entrepreneurship in technology, is progressing very quickly with the young population we have.”


Radarsan Founding Partner Serhat Doğan, who gave information about the technologies they developed, said, “In 2014, we returned to Turkey under the leadership of our President's call to return to the country and the Presidency of Defense Industry and we established our Radarsan company as an incubator in the Technopark of the Defense Industry Presidency. We are working on issues such as radar technologies, sensor fusion, and artificial intelligence, especially in the civilian field. Within this artificial intelligence platform we have developed, we have made the first domestic and national traffic radar system of Turkey, which is our first product. We completed this in 2018. We did all the certification processes and then we upgraded the product to the reference device category. Currently, products that come to Turkey from abroad or are assembled here in any way are made according to this device.” he said.


Providing information about the projects that will serve in the field of security, Doğan continued his words as follows: “As our esteemed minister mentioned, we have implemented our second product, the mobile license plate recognition system, which is used in the fight against terrorism, especially narcotics and intelligence, which is used by the units of the General Directorate of Security. Afterwards, we started to do projects on the automotive side together with Toyota, one of the world's largest automotive giants. Before the use of our country, we made a project with the Japanese on artificial intelligence. We want to continue to develop critical technologies in this area. Of course, our goal is to be able to carry Radarsan to this point in the future as the new unicorn after doing all these things.”


Radarsan has made the Domestic Modular Traffic Radar, the first product of the Artificial Intelligence Platform, ready for mass production, based on its 4-year R&D work. The product is Turkey's and the world's first Modular Traffic Radar. Trafidar, also developed by Radarsan, was chosen as the reference device by TSE. Trafidar has covered the lack of Reference device that Turkey imported from Germany.


Manpro, the second product of the Radarsan Artificial Intelligence Platform, is used by the Security units in Turkey's security; using the fight against terrorism, drugs and smuggling, and organized crime. CoVision, another product of Radarsan Artificial Intelligence Platform, is preferred as an Autonomous System in Quality Control Processes for the first time in the world at Toyota Plants.

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