Mamak Urban Transformation Project and Dikimevi Natoyolu Metro will make people smile

mamak urban transformation project and Dikimevi Natoyolu metro will make people smile
mamak urban transformation project and Dikimevi Natoyolu metro will make people smile

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is ending the homesickness of the people of Mamak, who have been waiting for their housing for 13 years. The groundbreaking, opening and promotion ceremony of the “Mamak Urban Transformation Project and the 30 Projects consisting of 106 projects” was held before the August 2021 Victory Day, hosted by the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. Addressing the people of the Capital at the collective opening ceremony attended by CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener and Democrat Party Chairman Gültekin Uysal, Yavaş said, “We have invested 3 billion 200 million liras since we took office. We have stood by our citizens by allocating a 1 billion lira social assistance budget, and we will continue to stand by them in these economic conditions. We are changing the understanding of a city's municipality from top to bottom," he said.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality held a groundbreaking, opening and promotion ceremony for the "Mamak Urban Transformation Project and the 106 Year Projects consisting of 2021 projects".

The ceremony, hosted by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, took place in Mamak Dutluk Mahallesi, CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener, Democrat Party Chairman Gültekin Uysal, deputies, provincial and district administrators of political parties, district mayors, municipal Members of parliament, bureaucrats, non-governmental organizations and citizens attended.

After the short film about the new municipal understanding, the effect of which started to be seen in the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality with Mansur Yavaş, the Seymen show was held, and a short film was also broadcast in which the details of the project and the troubles of the citizens who have been waiting to get their homes for 13 years in the Mamak Urban Transformation region.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş stated that the people of Mamak participated in the urban transformation project with the dream of a new home and life 13 years ago, and said:

“This dream of our compatriots has not been realized despite the passage of many years. Years passed, but apart from a few houses built for rent, there was no project, no new house, no happiness. While dinosaur statues, imaginary investments, doors, cats, idle sports facilities, and rent-based giant blocks are rising in our Ankara; On the one hand, we had fellow countrymen who followed all this with a look of pain and hope. As we promised before the elections, we are here today to rekindle this hope, to make our citizens smile again, to touch their hearts and to be the light in their eyes.”

"We are here so that our rightful citizens can come together, meet with their neighbors, and end their exile," said Yavaş, adding, "We also cover their shame, even though the priorities of the old administration are different, and the state is here with you, whatever happens. We are here to show that our state does not break with our nation, to say that it will keep its word," he said.


Noting that not only the beneficiaries were victims of the project, Yavaş said, “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality had to pay huge rental fees due to the houses they postponed. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality paid a rent of 13 billion 1 million liras in 173 years because our right holders could not get their rights. This money came out of the pockets of the people of Ankara," he said.

Reminding that only 14 houses were built in 10 years in the region, which entered into urban transformation with the promise of 4 thousand houses, Yavaş said, “Those houses were built in large blocks on the river beds and hills in return for rent. The fate of the remaining 500 residences was unknown. Today, we are laying the foundations of 9 residences here. We will lay the foundations of 500 thousand 2 residences and 103 commercial areas, which were tendered in the live broadcast, as the giant massacre of 260 million took place, when the tender is finalized. Thus, we aim to complete the number of houses they have built in 2 years, with a total of 376 thousand 31 houses in 10 years, and with our own means. We are working to complete the projects of the remaining residences and to complete them in this period," he said.


Indicating that there are 503 housing victims in Altındağ Atıfbey, and 250 housing victims in Dikmen Valley, Yavaş said that these projects will be completed as soon as possible.

Stating that they will preserve the street and neighborhood texture and human scale while carrying out the projects, they will produce projects with green areas and low floor numbers, said Yavaş, “We will attach importance to distribution in a way that brings old neighborhoods together again. Because our understanding of municipality prioritizes people, not concrete, and the sun, not skyscrapers. Our understanding of municipality prioritizes neighborhood, neighborhood culture and unity. With this mission, we continue to work with a human-oriented municipal approach without interruption.”


I would also like to inform you about our Dikimevi-Natoyolu metro project, which will consist of 8 stations and 7,4 kilometers, which we will start to build in Mamak. We aim to complete the project by the end of this year and go out to tender immediately. We reached a preliminary agreement on a 320 million euro loan authorization agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the project, which we aim to complete for 250 million euros. We are still negotiating for the remaining parts. We started the preliminary project drawing for the Kızılay-Dikmen metro. While no new buses have been bought to this city since 2013, we started to receive our new buses gradually.


      Explaining that they have invested 3 billion 200 million liras since the day he took office, President Yavaş concluded his words as follows:

“We also stood by our citizens by allocating a budget of 1 billion lira for social assistance. We will continue to stand by you in these economic conditions. We have no greater concern for the slave. When my term of office is over, it will be my highest authority to walk unprotected and with the people in Kızılay with my head held high and my forehead open. Together, we will build an Ankara that will protect our city and make our citizens happy. This is the Capital… The Capital of the Republic… We will make this city worthy of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and compete with the capitals of the world together.”


The groundbreaking ceremony and opening of 106 projects with the Mamak Urban Transformation Project are as follows:


  • Baser Bridge Junction
  • Hasköy Bridge Junction
  • Şaşmaz Bridge Interchange-1
  • Şaşmaz Bridge Interchange-2
  • Baglica Boulevard – Highway Connection Project
  • Connection Road between Hikmet Özer Street and Myth
  • 10 Stream Crossing Bridges in Various Districts
  • New Public Transport Buses
  • North Star (Techbridge) Technology Center
  • Dikmen Valley Technology Center
  • Beypazarı & Nallıhan Asphalt and Aggregate Production Facility
  • Ankara Castle İçkale 1st Stage Restoration
  • Hasan Yalçıntaş Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies Center
  • Ankaragücü Tandoğan Facilities Renovation Project
  • Beypazarı City History Museum Renovation Project
  • 35 Squares Free Internet Project
  • Asbestos Pipes Renovation Project – 220 km
  • Ego Cycling Campus
  • 13 Neighborhood Parks (Çankaya DMD Children's Memorial Forest, Park Area Next to Beytepe Ali Kuşçu Street, Beypazarı 75. Yıl Boulevard Parking Area, Çankaya Mexico Street Parking Area, Parking Area Next to Emek Metro, Elmadağ Kurtuluş Mahallesi Park, Yenikent Vural Baylan Park , Yenimahalle Silahtar Street Side Park, Beytepe Park Area, Çankaya Kondrad Adenaur Street Side Parking Area, Çayyolu 2677. Street Side Park, Birlik Mahallesi Square Arrangement, Çankaya Alacaatlı 3409. Street Side Park)
  • Yenimahalle Serhat Mahallesi Parking Area
  • Çubuk Karaköy Recreation Area 1st Stage
  • Gazi Park
  • Skate Park (Skate Park)
  • Beekeeping Academy
  • Kuscagiz Day Nursing Home
  • Ahmetler Day Children's Nursing Home
  • Imrahor Solid Waste Collection Station
  • Alacaatli Solid Waste Collection Station
  • Gölbaşı Cemetery Service Building And Mosque
  • 4 Pedestrian Overpasses (Nazım Hikmet, Kentpark, Hayal Park, Hacıbaba)


  • Mamak Urban Transformation Project
  • Station Street Alternative Boulevard Project
  • Aydınlıkevler Bridge Junction
  • Turan Güneş Boulevard Interchange-1
  • Turan Güneş Boulevard Interchange-2
  • Turan Güneş Boulevard Interchange-3
  • Samsun Road Bridge Interchange-1
  • Samsun Road Bridge Interchange-2
  • Samsun Road Bridge Interchange-3
  • Dodurga Neighborhood Highway Connection Project
  • Bilkent-İncek Yolu Boulevard Ring Road Connection
  • Hippodrome Cad. – Find Mevlana. Intersection Bridge And Road Widening
  • Beypazarı Disabled and Elderly Nursing Home
  • Mamak Happy Family Life Center
  • Fish Market Project
  • Altinpark Swimming Pool
  • Ulus Business Center Technology Center
  • prof. Dr. Ahmet Taner Kislali Park
  • 2 Neighborhood Parks (Yeni Batı Mahallesi Park Area, Çankaya Turgut Özal Ebrar Mosque Park Area)
  • Construction of 9 Village Mansions and Cultural Facilities
  • Macunköy Metro Station Park & ​​Continue Project
  • Archaeopark
  • Ankara Castle Inner Castle 2nd Stage Restoration
  • Konya Street and Surrounding Street Rehabilitation Project
  • Herokazan Otopazarı
  • Restoration of Polatlı Karacaahmet Tomb
  • Herokazan Historical Laundry and Fountain Restoration
  • Kalecik KazanCI Baba Tomb Restoration (3 Restorations)
  • New Type Taxi Stand Project
  • Beypazarı Greenhouse Project
  • Çayyolu Accessible Nursery
  • Asbestos Pipes Renovation Project – 150 Km
  • Gölbaşı Agriculture Campus Greenhouse
  • Agriculture 4.0 Project
  • Altındağ Women's Compassion and Shelter
  • 5 Fire Stations (Etimesgut, Haymana, Bağlum, Akyurt, Nallıhan)


  • Hikmet Özer Street Underpass
  • Ufuk University – Ziyabey Street Underpass
  • Abb Agriculture Campus and Recreation Center
  • Dikmen Valley Stage 4
  • Elmadag Municipality Service Building
  • Polatli Cultural Center
  • Kesikköprü Youth Camp Renovation Project
  • Akköprü District Terminal Building
  • Oyak Bridge Junction Clover Branch
  • Anadolu Boulevard Alternative Boulevard Project
  • Belpa Ice Rink Facility
  • Çayyolu Children's Day Care Center-1
  • Çayyolu Children's Day Care Center-2
  • Yenimahalle Ergazi Children's Day Nursing Home
  • Keklikpınarı Children's Day Nursing Home
  • Mamak Children's Day Nursing Home
  • Ovecler Retirement Tavern
  • Lodumlu Retirement Tavern
  • Yukariahyalar Retirement Tavern
  • Ergazi Retirement Tavern
  • Angora Park
  • Batikent Botanical Park
  • Alacaatli Vizyon Park
  • Balgat Vision Park
  • Cankaya Kusunlar Vizyon Park
  • Worker Blocks Vizyon Park
  • Mamak Kusunlar Vizyon Park
  • Elvankent Vision Park
  • Yasamkent Vizyon Park
  • Batıkent Kentkoop Neighborhood Parking Area
  • Lodumlu District Parking Area
  • Göksu Park Stage 2
  • Parking Area Opposite Cemre
  • Parking Area on Aoc Beştepe Street
  • 6 Sports Fields (Etimesgut, Ayaş, Alacaatlı, Kayaş, Gölbaşı, Beypazarı)
  • From Castle to Tower Project
  • Ulus Ego Service Building Renovation
  • Aşti Renovation Project
  • Mamak Mavigol Caravan Park
  • Herokazan Kurtbogazi Caravan Park

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