LGS Transplant Results Announced! LGS 1. Transplant Results Inquiry 2021

LGS Exam
LGS Exam

LGS transplant results have been announced. It has been opened to access by the Ministry of National Education, where the results of the 1st transplant, which is the basis for placement, will be announced.

In the statement made by the Ministry of National Education (MEB), it was announced that the results of the 1st transfer to secondary education institutions were announced, and the results can be accessed from the "meb.gov.tr" address.

LGS 1. To query the transplant results CLICK HERE

The first transfer applications for the placement, which were made between 26-30 July 2021, were announced on 1 August 2. Applications for the second transfer preference based on placement will be made on 2021-2 August, the results will be announced on 2 August.

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