Le Mans 24 Hours Meets New MOTUL 300V

le mans hour meets new motul v
le mans hour meets new motul v

📩 19/08/2021 15:10

From racing cars to high-performance cars, there has been a name synonymous with success for the last 50 years: the Motul 300V. The 300V was born from Motul's never-ending pursuit of continuous motion. Motul is launching a new and improved version of its flagship product, with a new formulation that pushes the boundaries of performance. The world's most iconic racing event, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, meets the new Motul 300V race cars.

When the Motul 300V was first released in 1971, it was developed to help racing teams get the maximum performance and endurance from their engines. The product was named 300V, commemorating the 300 race victories Motul had achieved so far. Since its launch, the Motul 300V has helped countless motorsport legends triumph.

Over the decades that followed, Motul continued to continually perfect its flagship product, and today, the Motul 300V continues to carry the world's best teams to the top of the podium. From Le Mans to Super GT, from Drift Masters to Dakar Rally, 300V has proven itself as a game-changing oil in the paddock of high-end racing.

50 years after its debut, Motul is proud to introduce the latest version of the industry's reference oil: the new Motul 300V series.

The new 300V comes with many improvements:

Improved performance: The new 300V racing oil improves your engine's performance by reducing internal friction. This new formulation provides proven power and torque gains throughout the drivetrain.

Enhanced durability: Motul 300V protects your engine without sacrificing performance by providing high shear strength for maximum oil film resistance even in the toughest conditions.

Improved compatibility: Motul 300V meets latest engine requirements; compatibility with particulate filters, compatibility with biofuels (especially Ethanol) and protection against LSPI in small displacement engines.

Increased sustainability: Motul 300V's stocks of organic bases, which are renewable, reduce environmental impact and allow Motul to reduce its carbon footprint by 25% during the manufacturing process.

The new products are divided into 3 main series:

Power Series:

The POWER Series with the lowest viscosity grades, from 0W-8 to 5W-30, provides maximum power and also copes with the problems that may occur when a low amount of fuel is mixed with the oil.

Competition Series:

The medium viscosity COMPETITION Series, from 0W-40 to 15W-50, provides the best balance between power and durability and also copes with the problems that can occur when low to medium amounts of fuel are mixed into the oil.

Le Mans Series:

The new generation 300V Le Mans Series provides the highest possible level of engine durability. Le Mans Series now also has products in 10W-60 and 20W-60 viscosity values. Perfect for the toughest motorsport applications such as endurance racing and drifting. In addition to the unique features of these products, it is the only product in the world to bear the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans name.

New 300V Launch at 2021 Le Mans 24 Hours

The new Motul 300V is revealed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world's most iconic and toughest endurance race of the year.

Apart from powering many of the LMP2020 teams, including United Autosports, which won its category in 2, Motul is also proud to be the official oil partner of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, with whom it tested the new Motul 300V and shared their excitement for the new products.

Jim Glickenhaus, founder of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus: “The new 300V makes a huge difference. In tough racing conditions, the engine is often pushed to its limits, so we need a reliable oil to keep the engine running. The new Motul 300V provides exactly that. We have full confidence in this oil.”

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