Katmerciler at IDEF'21 Exhibition with Four Armored Vehicles, Two of which were Introduced for the First Time

katmerciler is at the idef fair with its four armored vehicles, where it introduced the two for the first time
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Katmerciler 4×4 Next Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle KIRAÇ and Medium Class 2nd Level Unmanned Ground Vehicle Remote Controlled Shooting Platform UKAP are also exhibiting at its stand. Katmerciler, the innovative and dynamic power of the Turkish defense industry, introduced two new battleships at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF'21 with the launch attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The 4×4 Residential Area Intervention Vehicle EREN, named after Eren Bülbül and eagerly awaited by the industry, was opened and displayed for the first time in the presence of President Erdoğan. The higher version of the 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle HIZIR, the HIZIR II, took its place at the fair as the second vehicle launched by the company.

Visiting the Katmerciler stand with the senior delegation accompanying him, President Erdoğan was welcomed by Katmerciler Chairman of the Board İsmail Katmerci, Chairman of the Executive Board Mehmet Katmerci and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board Furkan Katmerci.

After the cover of the launch vehicles was removed, President Erdoğan, who examined the new armored vehicles for a while and received information about the vehicles from the company executives, said "Good luck" and wished them continued success.

Katmerciler is exhibiting two more of the vehicles it has added to our country's defense and security inventory, along with the armored vehicles it has launched. It is possible to see the 4×4 New Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle KIRAÇ and the Medium Class Level 2 Unmanned Ground Vehicle (O-IKA 2) UKAP, which is the first example of the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGR) concept in Turkey and also called a mini tank, at the Katmerciler stand. .

Making a short statement after the launch, Katmerciler Chairman of the Board İsmail Katmerci said, “We express our sincere gratitude to our President, who encourages and encourages us, always stands by our industry, honors us by participating in our launch, and is the architect of the development of the industry and our country.”

The main features of EREN, HIZIR II, KIRAÇ and UKAP exhibited by Katmerciler, which welcomes its guests at booth 7A in Hall 702, are as follows:

EREN: Effective Force in the Fight Against Terrorism

The 4×4 Residential Area Intervention Vehicle EREN takes its name from Eren Bülbül, who was murdered by a terrorist organization at the age of 11 in Trabzon Maçka on August 2017, 15. At the same time, it is an expression of respect for the Gendarmerie Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Ferhat Gedik, who died while trying to save Eren Bülbül.

EREN, which will keep the memory of two terrorist martyrs alive in the effective fight against terrorism, is an armored vehicle with 250 horsepower. With its low silhouette, narrow and short body structure, and short turning radius, EREN has a structure that will offer high maneuverability and performance in a residential area. It impresses with its high under-belly distance, superior climbing and side slope capabilities, and high approach and departure angles. The vehicle is for 5 people and can be carried up to 7 people.

Despite its light monocoque body structure, the vehicle with high ballistic protection provides superior protection against mines and hand-made explosives with the armor technology used.

Despite high acceleration and maximum speed, it offers superior off-road capability thanks to its features such as 4×4 drive system and fully independent suspension system with coil springs. Equipped with a powerful engine, fully automatic transmission, low and high speed two-speed transfer case and axles with differential lock system, the vehicle offers comfort and ease of use to the user in off-road conditions as well as in city use.

It can shoot at moving and moving targets with its remote-controlled stabilized weapon system, and has an automatic target tracking system. Day and night vision, ballistic calculation, distance measurement, computer-based fire control functions, ammunition end warning, manual operation if needed, height and inclination adjustable steering wheel, flat tire are some of the other features that make EREN powerful. Designed for hot and cold climate conditions (in accordance with NATO standards), the vehicle is offered with optional systems such as 360 degree environmental awareness system, rescue crane, fog cannon, and automatic fire extinguishing system.

HIZIR II: More Imposing, Aggressive and Scary

Launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2016, the 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle HIZIR was recognized as the most powerful combat vehicle in its segment and attracted attention. With its superior features, it created admiration in the international arena and not only entered the inventory of our country, but also began to enter the inventories of friendly countries.

It is possible to summarize the main features that make HIZIR II different from HIZIR, which can be defined as an upgraded version of HIZIR with a renewed design, increased technical capacity and improved.

Personnel capacity has been increased from 9 to 14, providing the opportunity to carry more personnel. The number of personnel in Kuleli HIZIR IIs will be 13. A ramp was placed at the back instead of the rear cover, allowing for faster getting on and off. The standard forward seating arrangement has been changed to sit opposite each other with increased legroom. Thus, a seating arrangement was introduced where the 12 personnel in the back could sit more comfortably. Overall operational power has been increased.

HIZIR II is a vehicle that will strike fear into the enemy with its more majestic appearance compared to HIZIR. The nose of the vehicle has been redesigned. Instead of the standard look, it has been given a more aggressive look. The two-piece windshield was expanded in one piece, improving the field of view.

As with other armored vehicles on the market, the spare wheel was taken under the snow in HIZIR-II while it was behind the vehicle in HIZIR. Thus, the vehicle's center of gravity approached the ground, resulting in a vehicle that was much more stable against rollovers and better slalom driving characteristics in extreme driving conditions. Also, the tire changing operation has become easy and fast.

As with other Katmerciler vehicles, the HIZIR II, which is a product of Turkish engineering, continues all the other superior features of HIZIR. Developed in NATO standards, the vehicle provides high protection against mines and hand-made explosives with its strong armor and V-type monocoque body. The mine-resistant, energy-absorbing seat increases personnel protection. The 400 horsepower vehicle is designed to perform well under intense conflict conditions in rural and urban areas. With its remote-controlled stabilized weapon system, it can fire at moving and moving targets.

KIRAÇ: In the Active Use of Security

KIRAÇ, the 4×4 New Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle, was developed as a completely original work for the needs of the Criminal Department of the General Directorate of Security. The crime scene investigation and mobile criminal investigation tool, which is equipped with features far superior to the crime scene investigation tools produced before, includes various sections such as office section, evidence storage section, laboratory section.

KIRAÇ was produced in three different configurations for the General Directorate of Security: Unarmored Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle, Armored Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle and Unarmored Criminal Laboratory Investigation Vehicle. In vehicles that are actively used in the field; There are many systems from the detection system to detecting the shooting distance and direction, from the evidence analysis devices, from the automatic fingerprint system (APFIS) to the chemical analysis, from the evidence storage system to the internet and satellite systems.

Depending on the design, it has a carrying capacity of up to 27+1+1 personnel. The extra payload allows different levels of ballistic protection and versatile equipment use. Optionally, concealed armoring is available.

UKAP: After UAV and SİHA, It's Next for UAV, First Sample Mini Tank

The Remote Controlled Shooting Platform (UKAP), which is the first example of the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UAV) concept in our country and also called Turkey's first unmanned mini-tank, is also the first product of Katmerciler's SLA concept. UKAP is an armored and tracked platform that can be remotely managed with all functions via a control kit and can be easily configured according to different needs.

With the cooperation of Katmerciler-Aselsan, the Medium Class 2nd Level Unmanned Ground Vehicle (O-IKA 2), which is Aselsan's first UG model with a SARP firing tower, that is, a Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System and a satellite communication system, is getting ready to take its place in the Turkish defense inventory. This opportunity, which only a few countries in the world have, increases the export potential of our country. As with UAVs and SİHAs, our country has a clear path for UAVs.

It has the feature of being a platform where tools for many different functions can be developed. Electro-optical system, radar system, communication system etc. to work in coordination with the SARP system. systems can also be integrated into the vehicle. With the satellite control system, it can be remotely controlled up to a distance of 5 kilometers. There are electric and hybrid models.

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