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Roof Insulation
Roof Insulation

Proton is one of the leading names in the industry as a world-class international supplier. Protan roof systems, which have been operating since 1972, and membrane In addition to its production, it is also a supplier of the highest quality roof coatings and membranes. Protan's only environmentally friendly roofing materials are produced in our country's innovative and modern factories. The production phase is based on Protan's unique sensitivity to ensuring the highest quality standards.

Protan products, whose quality has been registered at world standards, are used in large-scale industrial structures, water structures, tunnels, green roof projects and thousands of other projects around the world. Protan is a Norway-based industry group and a world leader in synthetic membrane technologies. Standing out with its sectoral experience of more than 70 years, Protan is a global market leader by developing and supplying roof membranes, tunnel membranes, technical textile products, foundation, roof systems, tunnel and mine ventilation systems that provide innovative and all-climatic solutions with its new and modern investments in Turkey. meets their needs.

Use of Quality Membranes Increases the Performance of Insulation Applications

It is one of the most important elements of membrane insulation applications, and suitable and high quality membrane products must be used for successful insulation applications.

TPO is frequently used in membrane insulation applications and is a thermoplastic polyolefin based mixture. Due to its structural features, it is resistant to sunlight, plant roots, atmospheric conditions, high abrasion, punctures and tears. TPO membrane, which is a very high performance insulation product, offers a long service life. TPO membrane that can be applied by sewing with hot air sources roof insulation and it draws attention with its rapid growth potential in the waterproofing sector. The use of TPO membranes is one of the most preferred insulation membranes, and the main reason for the rapid increase in market share, in other words, the fact that its use is frequently preferred, is its long-term durability.

TPO membrane, which can be easily combined using a heat source, can also be used free-laying on concrete and light metal roofs due to its mechanical fixation feature. Since TPO membrane is produced in large roll sizes, it can be applied quickly and economically. TPO membrane, which has high dimensional stability and high tear resistance due to its reinforcement materials, is also very effective in reducing the energy consumption of structures thanks to its high reflectivity.

In order to meet the needs of the users in insulation applications at the highest level and to achieve maximum performance, TPO membrane products are produced with the latest technology and meticulously by Protan Turkey. Since there are no toxic raw materials in the chemical analysis of TPO membranes, they do not cause smoke emission during welding. During the aging life of the roof, TPO membrane products do not cause chemical release. Therefore, TPO membrane is one of the nature and environmentally friendly insulation materials.

protan turkey
protan turkey

The most common areas where TPO membranes are used are ready-made panels, reinforced concrete terrace roofs, light metal roofs, and garden and parking terraces. In addition to these, it can be preferred to use TPO membranes in drinking water tanks, underground structures such as basements and tunnels, and in different roof application techniques.

Protan, the Leading Name of the Industry, Offers Quality and Economical Prices Together

Another insulation material with a wide range of uses is FPO/TPO membrane products. FPO/TPO membrane products, which stand out with their resistance to abrasion, maintain their dimensional stability even in sudden and high temperature changes. FPO/TPO membrane products produced from a specially designed raw material do not contain any additives. For this reason, FPO/TPO membrane products, which do not lose their structural properties, are considered as nature-friendly insulation materials because they do not contain plasticizers and chlorides. FPO/TPO membrane products can also be used in different applications such as concrete pavement to prevent the structural integrity of concrete from being compromised by water. The use of FPO/TPO membranes can also be preferred for products immersed in water where corrosion is important. Protan Turkey FPO/TPO membrane products produced by using the latest technologies are one of the highest quality insulation products. It is a frequently preferred product that provides much higher performance compared to its alternatives due to its ease of application, longevity and reliability. The market share of FPO/TPO membrane, which is the first choice of many users due to these features, is gradually increasing.

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