Izmir's 24 District Mayors One Heart For Forest Fires

izmirin district mayor one heart for forest fires
izmirin district mayor one heart for forest fires

24 district mayors, who came together with the call of Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer in Çeşme district of İzmir, discussed the measures to be taken regarding forest fires. President Soyer stated that they are ready for all kinds of duties and responsibilities, including renting a firefighting plane or helicopter.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer came together with the mayors of 24 districts in Izmir at a coordination meeting. In addition to the ongoing and upcoming projects, forest fires, which have been the number one agenda item in Turkey lately, were also discussed at the meeting. This issue was also discussed after CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's statement that CHP municipalities could take the initiative in renting fire extinguishing aircraft.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they will take action on the lease of an extinguishing plane or helicopter by meeting with the Izmir Governor's Office and the General Directorate of Forestry. All the mayors who attended the meeting expressed a positive opinion on this proposal.

President Soyer gave the following information regarding the decisions discussed and taken at the meeting: “Forest fires are still a big problem as a result of global climate change. For two months, the municipal police personnel of the Metropolitan and all districts will be vigilant to inspect the forbidden entrances to the forest. We will determine a common policy for the afforestation of burned and reforested areas in İzmir with fire resistant species. We will spread our efforts for the production of these trees and plants to all districts. We will also assist other provinces in this regard. The importance of education for the prevention of fires is better understood. We will focus on training activities in cooperation with forest engineers. In a fire, everyone tries to help in good faith, but a lack of training has sad consequences. For this reason, we will form 'forest volunteers'. We will train the volunteers and give them certificates. All of our mayors in İzmir are ready for any task by taking the initiative regarding the forest fires that hurt our hearts.”

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