The Lifebloods of Izmir Transportation Strike Bells Ring in the Metro and Tram

Strikes are dying in the metro and tram in izmir
Strikes are dying in the metro and tram in izmir

Strike bells are ringing in the subway and tram in Izmir. Demiryol-İş Union İzmir Branch President Giral announced that they would go on strike if no consensus was reached in the TİS negotiations.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (TİS) negotiations, covering a total of 630 employees in the metro and tram, which are the lifebloods of İzmir transportation, have come to an end. While a consensus has not been reached yet in the TİS negotiations between İzmir Metro A.Ş., one of the companies of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), and the Social Democratic Public Employers' Union (SODEM-SEN), the employer union of the İBB, and the Railway-İş Union, which is organized in the metro and tram, the mediation process has not been reached yet. It ends on August 19. If a consensus cannot be reached in the meeting to be held on August 19, the 60-day process will begin after the mediator's report and the conflict report. The union can decide to go on strike within 60 days. Making statements regarding the process, Demiryol-İş Union İzmir Branch President Hamdullah Giral stated that if their demands are not met, they will use their right to strike.


Demiryol-İş Union İzmir Branch President Hamdullah Giral said that they have discussed a total of 2 items, 71 of which are temporary, in the TİS process that they started with İzmir Metro A.Ş and SODEM-SEN in April, but that a total of 1 items have been agreed so far, 38 of which is temporary. “Our aim is not to go on strike. We are in favor of ending the contract on the table. However, our fees are very low. We have not yet received an offer we can take seriously about a wage hike. There is a gap between us and the other companies of the municipality in terms of both wages and social rights. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Tunç SoyerHe said that he would provide equal pay for equal work during his tenure. If equal pay for equal work is not implemented in this contract, we do not have any ground for agreement,” he said.


Emphasizing that their priority demand is equal pay for equal work and social rights, Giral said, “We especially want our social packages to be equal to those of the employees in other companies of the municipality and to realize equal pay for equal work. However, with this intransigence, both Metro A.Ş and SODEM-SEN are pushing us to strike. Metropolitan Mayor of Metro A.Ş and SODEM-SEN Tunç SoyerHe needs to show his goodwill by explaining the difference between us and other companies in terms of wages and benefits. We do not want to go on strike and make victims of both ourselves and the people of Izmir, but if our demands are not taken seriously and our grievances are not resolved, no one should doubt that we will go on strike, which is our legal right.


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