Izmir Metropolitan is with the Youth in the Preference Period

izmir buyuksehir is next to the young people in the preference period
izmir buyuksehir is next to the young people in the preference period

Within the scope of the principle of equal opportunity in education of Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Metropolitan Municipality did not leave the youth alone in their university preferences. The Metropolitan Municipality has started to provide consultancy services in order to guide university candidates in the right way during the selection process. Young people are satisfied with the service.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality provides consultancy services to young people who choose a university for the first time within the scope of equality of opportunity in education. After the announcement of the results of the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS), Metropolitan, which organizes University Preference Days between August 5 and 13, supports the most effective placement with the scores obtained in the university exam, in the company of guidance teachers and peer advisors, in eight different places. Students can benefit from the support centers established in Bergama, Aliağa, Menemen, Ödemiş, Bayındır and Selçuk districts, as well as in Kültürpark and the Historical Gas Campus.

Prefer step by step with peers and experts

Stating that they manage the process with expert guides and peer consultants, Social Projects Branch Manager Burcu Önenç said, “Our peers first meet with young people. sohbet They learn about the expectations and scores of young people regarding their university preferences. Then they take us to our expert guides. This work is a first for us. Error: Reference source not found There are about 5 thousand young people in the database. We have received a high demand from this platform. Here, young people can discuss the departments with their peers and make better decisions about their future.”

Metropolitan shed light on our future

Ekin Bornakçı, who stated that she had a hard time making a choice due to the coronavirus epidemic, said, “Since we could not meet with people face to face, we could not get precise and clear information from anywhere. This service has officially shed light on our future. Both my teachers and friends told me there was such a service and I came here. Good thing I came. I was very confused about the choice. Everyone here is very friendly. I learned a lot of new information here," he said.

Father Gökhan Karaoğulları, who came to the preference center because his son Mert Karaoğulları is working, is very satisfied with the service provided. Karamanoğulları said, “I received very good information from both our friends and teachers. As a parent, I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We manage the family process. The city also made a very important contribution," he said.

Selin Çitim, who chose it, said: “After the pandemic, it is really a great chance to experience this process with these experienced people at Kültürpark. I think we will make the right choices with the special attention of our preference consultants.”

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