25 More Female Drivers at IETT

Iettde woman driver is still behind the wheel
Iettde woman driver is still behind the wheel

President Ekrem İmamoğluIETT, realizing the promise of "Women will have a say in the city and in the administration", opened the exam for the third time to recruit female drivers. After a transparent application process, 25 of the candidates who took the driving test were entitled to become bus drivers.

IETT General Directorate, one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), started a new process for the recruitment of female drivers. Before the Eid al-Adha, an interview was held with 44 candidates who applied for the driving position on the website Kariyer.ibb.istanbul, and 26 of the women were eligible to take the driving test.

In the driving test held on 10-11 August, 25 candidates were successful and qualified to become an IETT driver. Candidates who took the driving test said that they had a good driving test after a transparent job application and they were very hopeful about the result. Emphasizing that women have shown that they can successfully do many things that men do, and that they can drive a beautiful bus, the candidates said, “We are proud of ourselves. We believe that we will reduce the risk of traffic accidents by driving correctly and safely. Where we are, it is getting better.”

After a 25-month training, 2 female drivers will take the wheel on the roads of Istanbul and serve the people of Istanbul. Within the scope of the candidate driver orientation training program; vehicle introduction training, fire and general safety training, simulator driving training, safe and defensive driving techniques training, certified basic first aid training, and applied line training will be provided.

IETT, which has employed 2 female drivers with two separate exams in the last 26 years, will continue to recruit female drivers through applications made to Kariyer.ibb.istanbul in the coming months. With the last purchase, the number of female drivers in IETT has increased to 51.

The number of women working in İBB, İSKİ and İETT and its subsidiary companies increased by 24 thousand 2019 people as of 2 June 500 and reached approximately 14 thousand. The number of female managers in IMM increased threefold in 2 years, from 50 to 142. The share of female managers in the total increased from 11.5 percent to 26.1 percent.

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