Hyundai KONA Electric Sets Range Record Again

hyundai kona electric breaks range record again
hyundai kona electric breaks range record again

Hyundai KONA Electric managed to break its own record by traveling 790 kilometers on a single charge. A superior fuel economy was achieved thanks to the driving in city traffic. With this record attempt, Hyundai also wants to maintain its leadership in electromobility.

Hyundai New KONA Electric has reached a new milestone by reaching a total of 790 kilometers on a single charge. Equipped with a fully charged 64 kWh battery, KONA Electric achieved an incredible range, traveling a total of 15 hours and 17 minutes during the record drive in Madrid, Spain. During this time, the vehicle, which traveled 52 kilometers with an average speed of 790 km / h, consumed 100 kWh of electricity per 8,2 kilometers. This value is well below the WLTP standard of 100 kWh per 14,7 kilometers.

The test drive, carried out by the automotive editors of the Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS, started at INSIA, the Automobile Research Center of the Technical University of Madrid. After charging, INSIA sealed the KONA EV's charging port and then confirmed the test. The test was conducted along Madrid's ring road, the M-30, and was completed with a route that included routes to and from INSIA headquarters. The 150 kW (204 PS) KONA Electric used for the test is completely standard and without any modifications.

The environmentally friendly KONA Electric proves Hyundai's success in the field of mobility, while at the same time it is an extremely important model for its leadership in the sector. Hyundai KONA Electric will be on sale in Turkey very soon.

Günceleme: 04/01/2023 08:40

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