How to Recover Lost Energy After Sports?

regain the energy you lost in sports with fruit juice
regain the energy you lost in sports with fruit juice

Stating that we need to add sports to our lives for a healthy life, experts emphasize that the energy and minerals lost after the exercises can be regained by drinking a glass of fruit juice.

During sports, our body spends much more energy than in its normal routine. Experts who stated that a certain amount of minerals are expelled from the body as a result of the exercises; He recommends consuming a glass of fruit juice after sports in order to replace lost energy, fluids and minerals and to reduce muscle pain.

Nuh Naci Yazgan University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Prof. Dr. Neriman İnanç said, “Fruit juices not only meet the body's fluid needs, but also help fulfill the vital activities of cells and body functions with the antioxidants and minerals they contain. At the same time, the natural sugars from the fruit itself in fruit juices help the body stay fit thanks to the energy they give.” he said.

Stating that vegetables and fruits are among the sources of potassium, which is an important nutritional element for exercisers and athletes, İnanç said, "Especially in summer, a glass of fruit juice helps to regain the fluid and minerals lost after exercise."

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